Restaurant Ramloc - Colmar

We have now moved to the French part of our vacation with a first stop in Colmar. For our first dinner we were lucky enough to get a last reservation at Restaurant Ramloc which is a bit off the tourist part of Colmar and turned out to be really good. Classical French cuisine, relaxed service and just three hours of fun sitting outside and enjoying life.

Salmon with cucumber

24 months old prosciutto di parma with “fixings”

Beef gravlax, crispy rye bread, green omlette raviole with lingonberries

Duck breast with cherries, stuffed onions, pea puree

Green peas in the spotlight - fresh, flan, puree with goat cheese and herbs

Tapilla de porc iberique flavored with chinata, sucrine lettuce, onions and candied tomato pie

Delight apricot, honey, yoghurt, rosemary, crunchy darling, vanilla apricot ice cream

Strawberry-rhubarb tartlets with rhubarb ice cream and lemon balm cream