Restaurant Staader Faehrhaus (Konstanz, Germany)

Excellent visit to another restaurant in Konstanz - Staader Faehrhaus. Heavily focused on using local, in season ingredients and working closely with local farmers and fishermen (at this time it meant stone fruits, strawberries and mushrooms). It also reminded us how different the restaurant culture is in Europe with an emphasis on good food combined with competent, relaxed service without rushing anybody and all that at very reasonable prices. We had a 5 course tasting menu at $82 (including taxes and tips) and a 4 course prix fixe at $64 (including taxes and tips) which would have been double the amount in the US without the chance to relax for more than 3 hours (and excellent wines at <$10 per glass).

Tasting menu

Amuse bouche - Fresh mozzarella with tomatoes

Course 1 - Fresh salad with fish and prawns. Really fresh tasting with outstanding local fish - char

Course 2 - beef steak with peaches

Course 3 - lamb stew with peach and mushroom ragout and house made tagliatelle

Course 4 - Cheese plate with 7 local cheeses, homemade bread, apricot mustard

Course 5 - Dessert sampler with amaretto gelato, peanut brownie and peach tarte tatin

Vegetarian prix fixe

Course 1 - Antipasti sampler with local sheep cheese, lacto-asparagus, roasted garden vegetables, nuts, olives and pea-mint-cream

Course 2 - Red pepper soup with fresh goat cheese

Course 3 - House made basil fettuccine with chanterelles and cherry chutney

Course 4 - Mousse au chocolate with warm cherry crumble and whipped basil heavy cream

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