Restaurants also selling groceries etc


For BiiBiip mentioned in the article, use this link. This is what you’ll get if you email them. It’ll take about a day before responding. Can go through the pages to see what they have without ordering. Last page is when all the info is needed. Looks like something they put together on the fly but they’re friendly people and everything handled safely.

We’ve used restaurants for groceries a few times now and were able to get Some harder to find items quickly, such as sanitizing wipes, flour, yeast and even toilet paper, just not in huge quantities.

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Does anyone have an updated list or tips on good ones?

That’s in general. In specific, I’m desperately seeking duck quarters that I can obtain via curbside pickup.

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what a time to be alive.


A number of my conversations with vendors regarding curbside pickup have sounded an awful lot like drug deals.


Its not a restaurant, and they don’t do curbside, but Epicurus Gourmet has frozen duck quarters, as well as smoked duck, duck confit, duck prosciutto, duck fat, and duck sausages. They also have flour and yeast. They are very strict about masks, social distancing, and they are not accepting cash right now.

I posted this list in the other thread. Looks like only one place offering duck, M Georgina. If you’re close to downtown LA, you could give them a call. If that’s not convenient for you, you can try calling some of the places on the list and see if they could source it. I talked to someone who ordered from BiiBiip and they were helpful in trying to source something that wasn’t on their list.

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If you’re looking to cook them yourself, both butchers @ the Original Farmers Market have duck. They’re offering free parking right now, and the place is really empty. Not curbside, but really easy to get in and out very fast with little personal contact.