Restaurants - Delivery or Pick Up Options

Let’s start a thread so we can all share intel for food pick and delivery options. Good idea @beam

Eater list from Monday 3/16

John and Vinny’s (delivery via DoorDash)


Night+market on Caviar and Noree Thai on Caviar and Postmates.
I have to say that take out from Noree has been very inconsistent - one time super spicy and the next time not spicy at all.


All the Josef Centeno spots are offering takeout.

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Cassia Rice & Noodle Kitchen


Pearl River Delta/Deli
To-Go Orders: 626-688-6507


Wax paper open for take out


Do they have an online menu?

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I can see if i can take a picture through the window in across the street picking up food at wax paper and taking advantage of Now Serving’s last day opening the store



Their IG account usually has the updated menu @prd_la, theyre closed today, open from Tues-Sun

Tues - Sat 11am - 8pm
Sun 11am - 6pm
TO-GO orders :arrow_right: (626) 688-9507


In case anybody was wondering almost all brewery tasting rooms in LA/OC are closed but many are doing to go beers. Cans, growlers and crowlers at most places with limited operating hours.

Monkish: 2pm to 7pm (only cans and bottles)
Highland Park: noon to 8pm
Smog City: noon to 8pm
Brouwerij West: noon to 9pm
Three Weavers: closed until further notice
Boomtown: closed until further notice
Mumford: closed but working on to go only set up
El Segundo Brewery: 3pm to ???
Ballast Point Long Beach: tasting room open at 50% capacity 10am to 8pm
Bottle Logic: noon to 10pm
Green Cheek Orange: 3pm to 8pm
Green Cheek Costa Mesa: tasting room open at 50% capacity 11am to 9pm
Stereo Brewing: hours vary
Chapman Crafted Ales: noon to 8pm
Gunwhale Ales: taking online orders for pick up
Good Beer Co: Sunday 1pm to 4pm or by appointment. $10 delivery fee to California.
Homage Brewing: 4pm to 7pm - must order ahead of time via IG DM

The Bruery: open for pick ups and also shipping beers in California.

Pure Project: shipping beers only in California. Very good option if you want to try their beers but don’t want to drive down to SD.


Thanks!! @Hungrydrunk and @aaqjr

might have to make a big fatty order and put stuff in the freezer…

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I’m ordering Gnocchi Tartufo, Lamb Cavatelli, and Antipasto Vegetariano from Marino Ristorante. Sal and Mario are the best and I’m excited to fill my tum with comfort food and not do dishes! Best take out ever.


Emailed Onda, they have takeout from 8 am to 8 pm and are currently working on delivery.


Verve Coffee is open for business. I heard that Blue Bottle closed.

I just got an email from Sqirl and they are doing pick-up and delivery with extended hours from 8am-8pm.

Delivery is through postmates and doordash. Pick-up through their website

They are also adding wine/beer selections from the Onda somm and retail items (kokuho brown rice, coffee and sqirl jam) as additions to their service.


This may just be the light I need to get me through the apocalypse.

Have you had decent experiences w/ Caviar? My one attempt at using them for N+M was not great. But obviously desperate times call for desperate measures.

GuYi tastes great w/ delivery (typhoon pork still relatively crispy).

I could’ve sworn that I’ve seen taken out from Takuma, so will likely be trying that, as well.

@Gr8pimpin posted about Pizza Wagon delivery (!!!) on another thread. Wonder if Pho So 1 delivers…


I live in DTLA. I get delivery about 7 times a week for one of my meals.

I think the top three services are:

Caviar – the best app and most polished service, but the most limited selection (in terms of both restaurants and, strangely enough, menu items)

Doordash – the next best app / most polished service, but greater selection

Postmates – the third best app / most polished service, but greatest selection

Lots of good restaurants (even Michelin starred restaurants) have always been available through these services. It’s hard to give recommendations because everyone’s delivery area will be different (and also, I’m not sure what’s still available today).

All of these services use their own delivery drivers, so they are relatively consistent. But yes, sometimes things go wrong and you end up waiting two hours. And sometimes the driver drives 45 minutes to bring you only guacamole because the restaurant was out of all the main dishes you ordered – without calling to ask if you wanted to cancel or change the order. (Okay, that only happened once, but I’m puzzled to this day.)


Prime doing curbsite pickup from all locations.

Guerilla / PRD / Prime triple takeout bang looking pretty good right now.