Restaurants in Portland, ME

Hi FTCers-

Will be in Portland Maine for one day in April and was curious about a number of restaurants, so thought I would reach out to see if folks had any insights, experiences, gripes, kudos, or warnings about them. The list is:

Leeward, Fore Street, Scales, Central Provisions, Chaval, Twelve, and Miyake.

All sounded interesting but can only choose one, alas.

Much appreciate anyone’s thoughts. Thanks!

Loved my experiences at Fore Street and Scales. If you like wood fired seasonal cooking I’d go with Fore Street (would be my choice). I love Hen of the Wood in Vt and both give off the same vibe with their food (two of my favorite restaurants in the country).

@justindilemma Glad to hear you had good experiences at Fore Street and Scales. I have ben to Hen of the Woods (Burlington location) and enjoyed it…based on the menu at Fore and what I have read I can see the similarities. Thanks for your thoughts!

Fore Street helped start all the buzz about Portland’s dining scene. Scales is their sprawling sister restaurant. Too bad you can’t spend more time…

@gutreactions Thanks for the thoughts. Yeah, too bad we cannot spend more time. My mother lives in Portsmouth, so I may begin encouraging more foray’s to the Portland area if she enjoys the food :wink: