Restaurants reopening post-lockdown

Went to a place last night that still had only 50-60% of their tables out even though there are no longer any restrictions here. After a short time it became clear why: they were shorthanded as it was. They’ll have to staff up before they can go back to 100%.

People who come out to restaurants during this time are so unforgiving—it’s not everybody. It’s case by case. But we definitely have some people who are not understanding how much extra work [the servers] are going through to provide service. There are those times when I hear from a server that someone is being really rude to them, saying ‘I can’t hear you with your mask on,’ things like that, and that’s really disheartening because we’re just trying to get the lights back on and get everything rolling. That’s a very big thing for me. Stop treating your servers like garbage, please.