Restaurants with zongzi 粽子?

I know in Rowland Heights, Little Shanghai in the Pacific Plaza food court has a variety of zongzi, but does anyone know of any other places that have particularly good 粽子 or other variations? And, yes, I recall many writing that the best version(s) came from their mom or a market.

Little Shanghai has five listed under a zongzi portion of the menu: Shanghainese pork; salted egg w/ pork; smashed red bean; red bean’ black sweet rice w/ red bean and red date.

Possibly for an article, but probably not :slight_smile:

Dean Sin World has/had the best version IMO for Shanghai style. Rich braised pork. Meat only. Haven’t been back in a while.

DTF has pretty good version also.

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You’re about a week and a half late.

At the Buddhist Birthday festival on May 22 in Whittier Narrows, there were 粽子 aplenty from a variety of food vendors (even Mama ipsedixit).

You had your choice of 粽子, from 嘉兴粽子 with 綠豆, to Taiwanese iterations like 假粽子 and 南部粽子, as well as different types of 粽子 made with 碱水.

Sold over 20,000 of these suckers.

Mark your calendar for 2017.

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Si Hai and Huge Tree have Pork and mushroom Zongzi with or without egg.


Oh, why didn’t you tell us? I totally would’ve gone…

That stuff is da fo’ shiznitz, G. Love dipping it in some sugar.

I realize that’s how most people eat it, but I always dip it in some li hing mui powder. Fo shizzle.

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I will invoke my “Morimoto mode” by topping plain zongzi with some uni ‘shutou’ from Maruhide (the store is still open for sales, I’m told; only the restaurant portion had closed)… We’ll see how it turns out.

該死 ! 粽子 made with 碱水 are one of the variations I was looking for.

So, does anyone have any particular favorites? Definitely will hit up Dean Sin World…

Don’t laugh too hard, but before it comes up…is there anywhere to pick up 粽子 outside the SGV? (yeah, I know!) :slight_smile: Maybe a better way to put it, is there any place with serviceable 粽子 outside the SGV?

Any Chinese bakery in Chinatown?

Any 99 Ranch outside of the SGV, like the ones in Van Nuys, Gardena, and Artesia?

Don’t even get me started in the OC …

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Like the ones at Sin Ba La, but they run out quickly.

So, a year later, I am now telling you.

Buddhist Birthday Festival this Sunday, May 21, 2017, at Whittier Narrows.

Full disclosure, I know many of the vendors personally, but have no financial stake in any of them.



Cost? I assume cash only, but I’d like to know approximately how much to bring.

Any vendors you recommend? :slight_smile:

Yes, cash only.

Most items range from $3-5. Most zongzi will be around $3. Lots of vendors (probably around 20), with lots of things other than zongzi. Don’t get too excited tho, just veggie stuff (mostly).

And bring sunscreen. Cuz it’s going to be fucking Africa hot.

Eating some from my Auntie right now.

Mushrooms and peanuts.

I am Team Savory