Review: Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare (May 2017)

From my second night of my New York trip.

Full review to come. In short, a stellar meal, in the upper echelon with my very favorites in America: Saison and The Restaurant at Meadowood. They spoil you with luxury ingredients but the setting is very comfortable. We had a great time.

Pics and brief course descriptions for now:

Jeju fluke tartelette with myoga and wasabi creme. Good acidity and refreshing textures. More precise than The French Laundry’s fluke and ginger cornet amuse. A great start.

Hokkaido bafun uni on brioche toast with preserved truffle

The preserved truffle was maybe unnecessary, IMO. But it’s a great dish anyway. Though it sounds similar to Saison’s uni “liquid toast,” the two are quite different. At Brooklyn Fare, what you notice is the great combination of the uni’s ethereal sweetness with the brioche’s yeast flavor. It’s a luxurious bite. At Saison, the proportions are different, and you notice more the contrast in temperature and layers of textures between uni and the rustic, “soy sauce”-soaked Tartine bread.

For comparison at Saison, semi-recently:

back to Brooklyn Fare

Dayboat scallop with crispy and pickled kelp. Perfectly mi-cuit.

Nodoguro grilled over binchotan with blistered little gem lettuce. The ingredients were nice but this is the one pairing that didn’t quite hit the mark for us.

Kaluga caviar over creamy and chunky potatoes, pink salt. Chef Cesar hooked it up :innocent::pray:

Madai grilled over binchotan with buttermilk sauce, chanterelles, and asparagus. Tied with the crab course for the most finessed dish of the night. Precise and delicate flavors executed perfectly.

King crab with dill and lemon creme sauce. WOW. Masterful sauce, extremely well integrated layers of flavors. Probably the best dish of my trip.

Koshihikari rice with uni, foie gras, abalone, and green onions. The crowd-pleasing, decadent “risotto.”

Aged squab with blackberries and mustard.

A5 wagyu from Miyazaki with chive oil and chive sauce. Chive sauce was good, but quite strong.

Shiso ice cream.

Fraises des bois with yogurt ice cream. With Daishichi Kimoto Umeshu.

We drank some extra brut Blanc de Blancs, Meursault Caillerets, Chateauneuf du Pape, and Cornas. Finished with umeshu and buckwheat tea.


That uni and brioche is one of my favorite bites ever. Love the pacojet ice cream too.

I can see why it’s a favorite! There were many great dishes. The madai with asparagus and the crab with dill and lemon creme sauce were our favorites this dinner.

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Great review, nice photos. My meal recently was similar. The uni brioche is a standout dish.
The A5 Miyazaki beef is a keeper and the prep varies each time. It appears that the Chinese Kaluga caviar was still on the menu for my November visit, a wonderful dish. We also had fantastic small, sweet lobster specially sourced from a lobsterman in Maine.
Again great review, and Brooklyn Fare never disappoints. They did a great job on the design of the new Manhattan location.