Review of Fu's [moved from the SF board]]

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I had lunch at Fu’s yesterday with my friend. He liked it. They gave us tea and chow mien noodles with orange duck sauce as soon as we sat down. A good sign. :slight_smile:

We had lunch specials:

Hot and sour soup and egg drop soup to start

Good renditions of the classics, especially the egg drop soup.

Fish with vegetables entree

Tasty white sauce, nicely cooked fish.

Moo goo gai pan

Tender white chicken, it was good.

It was so old-school. Red booths, paper Chinese zodiac placemats, canned water chestnuts and mushrooms, friendly smiling waiters. E. liked it, reminds him of his childhood outings with the grandparents.

I have a feeling we’ll end up back here. Thanks for the recommendation!


LA was a backwater Chinese community until the 1960s so you don’t have the history of old style Cantonese food here that you did in the Bay Area in the first half of the 20th century. Consequently there are fewer remaining exemplars down here. In central LA you have Paul’s Kitchen, and perhaps Wah’s Golden Hen and Bamboo Inn, and there are a few others scattered in every direction. in the suburbs Not sure if any of these are recommended though.

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i am confused by the headline and the post content - i am interpreting this as a request for recommendations IN SF and and wondering why it was moved from the SF board. am i missing something?

I thought somebody from SF was looking for an equivalent to Sam Wo in LA and had eaten at Fu’s in WLA.

Yes, this.

It’s a review of Fu’s.

visiting SF from LA parses different for me, i guess. never mind.

You may well be right. Either way something is off.

Perhaps better now? @chandavkl @secretasianman

i’m a literalist.

I posted in the S.F. board because I was visiting San Francisco and was looking for restaurants similar to Sam Wo. My friend likes that kind of Chinese food, but I was bored with that particular restaurant.

Then someone mentioned in the thread that Fu’s in L.A. is similar, so after I got back to Los Angeles, my friend and I checked out Fu’s. Hence the review was moved to the L.A. board.

Because A, thus B.

Yay! So glad it worked out!

And nice to know it’s still old school nice : )

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