Review: The Farmhouse at Roger's Gardens suffers from convoluted cooking

Ouch! This may be the most scathing review I’ve read in quite some time. Come for the view…don’t stay for the food. But what can you really expect from a restaurant that the Real Housewives of OC frequent?

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i enjoy scathing reviews, but i wonder why she decided to pick a three year old restaurant in corona del mar. javier’s and catch weren’t bad enough?


Maybe the LA Times critical staff enjoys pain and suffering?
I also think with as many restaurants as we have in the city, it would be cool if they each pulled two reviews a week…a low and a high-end option. I realize that Addison and Escarcega have been switching off low and high-end every week, but we have so many restaurants and it would be nice to hear more about them.


At least she liked the service. Then there’s this from Brad Johnson at the OC Register:


Ouch! I’m more looking forward to the review that matches this tweet…


“There were also dim sum items that weren’t dim sum items, such as a metal bowl of rice steamed with a layer of minced beef and topped with a fried egg. Its presence on the menu was so puzzling”

What’s so puzzling about seeing an OG dim sum item on the menu?


ken got you covered

He once wrote a review in haiku… of course he would throw shade at millennials and other things he doesn’t understand.

So many people are excited by Tim Ho Wan…only to leave so disappointed. It’s the millennials and those with IG tastes that are questionable. I’ve had to warn off a bunch of OC friends and family from trying that hot mess thanks to the good folks here who took one for the team.

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