Rice Cooker -LA Where to Buy

Does anyone know where I can get a decent/affordable medium sized rice cooker in LA or online?

I don’t even know what brands are good, doesn’t need to be fancy. Really just need like cook and warm settings.

If you eat a lot of rice a zojirushi fuzzy logic rice cooker is a good investment. Sure it’s expensive but with an expected lifespan of 20+ years it’s not too bad.

Literally cannot mess up rice. Accidentally left a batch of rice on keep warm for 40 hours the other week. Still tasted great.


Thanks for the info, yah our rice cooker definitely dries out a lot of the rice after about 15-20 hrs or so.

Also know of anything in more the 80-100 dollar price range?

Best bang for the buck, no-frills cooker. And it cooks super fast too.


Zojirushi is da bomb.


fascinating article here and interview on KCRW good food


Tokyo Central was having good rice cooker sales in February and saw a few inexpensive Zojirushi models along with the $200+ models.


Thanks for the heads up I’ll check them out when I’m in south Bay

I ended up buying a tiger :tiger: rice cooker, 5.5 cups had good reviews online. It was very affordable at Costco 85 bucks.

I’ll let you know how it cooks.


This thread was quite helpful. I just purchased the zojirushi fuzzy logic 5.5 cup model. I was gifted a Cuisinart rice cooker years ago (not recommended) so an upgrade was in order. I’m looking forward to trying it out.


we have done that too @LouisianaMouth
It is amazing that it stays moist and tasty

Love the Fuzzy Logic Zojirushi


Neuro Fuzzy rulez.

I originally bought that same rice cooker from Costco.com and returned it because it was too small for us, and bought the 10 cup version instead (same model, just bigger). We really like it. My 15yo Sanyo fuzzy logic 10 cup rice cooker finally died a few weeks ago (I loved that thing), so this was the replacement. We eat a lot of rice in our house and like to make enough rice for a couple days. The bigger size is helpful when we have people over too.

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Currently @ Costco