Rice - types & tips

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Good guide!

I love rice! Our house rice is Tamaki Haiga. We love it’s taste and bounce. It’s amazingly versatile.

We also always have brown (I have a bag of Rancho Gordo I picked up recently), whatever Japanese grown Murakai has on sale and a bag of Woon Jasmine Rice (For fried rice).

Would love to know where you can get a small bag/box of ST-25 Rice. The two times I remembered to look in a Vietnamese market, they just had the big bags.


I do this exceedingly infrequently, but out of respect for the old ways…



Nifty. Cookbook carries Carolina gold. Good stuff.


Ricebreaker “How does your family or culture cook rice?” Used in classes on culture and language and in groups to connect and introduce people.


That’s a great question!! Our family didn’t eat much rice growing up, that is not to say that Rice isn’t used in Mexico, it’s used a LOT. My cousins with northern parents always brought rice to big gatherings. They had red rice with veggies or white rice with onion toasted in lard. Rice was stirred into caldos and used underneath guisados. To this day, whenever I get a combo plate, I mix the beans, rice and some salsa and use that as a dip for my chips. It’s kinda horrifying.

That being said, Mexican Rice begins not only by rinsing the rice, but frying it. Salty Cocina makes it like how my Mom would on the occasions she would… From the canned Tomato Sauce (We’d use El Pato brand) and the Knorr Suissa.

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Uncle Ben’s. Sometimes with Lipton onion soup mix and hamburger. Yikes.


In a rice cooker that had an on and off switch and nothing else (well, maybe one light to show it was on). I “inherited” it and asked my parents how they used it (as in, how much water? how long do run it?). I don’t think I ever received a particularly clear answer…


You make the rice like you normally would. I have one and usually don’t let it run more than a couple hours. The rice turns to mush if you leave it over night


Yup. And La Choy fried rice out of a can.

I never knew there was canned fried rice.

Apparently it’s been discontinued for a while.

Metal cans may be gone, but there are lots of brands of shelf-stable bagged fried rice (another form of canning).

Yes, I’ve been quite happy with the bags of cooked rice that you just throw in the microwave.


I’m a big fan of Seeds of Change. A total salt bomb (in terms of actual content, not in terms of taste), but that’s to be expected.

Makes for a really quick and easy lunch when you have leftover curry from last night’s dinner. :slight_smile:


I’d never buy precooked rice unless maybe I was traveling. Way too expensive to save the tiny amount of effort and thinking ahead required to cook some rice in the Instant Pot. And as often as not there’s leftover rice in the fridge.