Rice Wraps - where to buy?

The ones you find at the Korean BBQ places like Park’s BBQ and Kang Ho Dong. We’ve tried 2 brands from H-Mart and AR Mart. They were truly awful.

Does anybody make these fresh that can be purchased?

I’m making the Majordomo plate ribs for Easter inspired by @attran99


Paging @hppzz, @Ns1, @A5KOBE, and @JeetKuneBao. I don’t know the answer to this one.

I don’t either. I buy them from little korean stores or from “Angus Meat Market” in Valencia. They “do the job” but it’s all terrible compared to the real stuff I get from Oo-kook, et al.

Easier to just do lettuce wraps IMO.

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Will have those as well but there are a lot of people who love the rice wraps. Will do more research with the Korean elders. But it’s like pulling teeth.

well if you find out, report back. After the cost of buying all these individual components, I find it easier to just go out to eat kbbq sometimes.


I’ve always skipped the rice wraps in lieu of butter lettuce and perilla leaves because I love the flavor. I’ll provide rice or vermicelli noodles for folks who need the carbs.


Maybe try asking Park’s BBQ Butcher Shop (located right next door) if you can buy some from them.


We never use them either. We like to wrap in the large thinly sliced daikons that is slightly pickled.

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My understanding is that the rice wraps are adapted from Vietnamese food. Maybe try using spring roll wraps from a Vietnamese / Chinese grocer?

Spring roll/dry rice paper sheets are not the same thing. OP was inquiring about fresh rice noodle/wrappers.

Oh, right. Actually, I’m thinking of these rolled up fresh rice noodle sheets that I see in styrofoam trays. I actually don’t know what they’re for. They kind of remind me of the sheets used for cheong fun dim sim. They might be a bit softer than the dduk bossam squares.

You’re asking for banh cuon sheets. You need lower quality ones because the higher quality ones are thinner.

Check Choice Meat Market on the SW corner of Olympic and 3rd. They sometimes carry wollamsam in their refrigerated section.

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Ah you’re a genius. There is a place in the OC called Prime Meat Market - they have one in Buena Park and one in Irvine owned by sisters. Based off Yelp pics Prime and Choice look very similar. I think I may have seen dduk bo ssam before.
Prime > Choice (in this case based solely on location)

at ranch 99 i’ve purchased rice roll thickness sheets which, if one cut them into quarters, would be about approximately the same size…

Western & Third? There’s also one at SW corner of Olympic & Vermont.


Interesting. I’ve only ever used round ones.

Wow TIL. Never seen this product before and don’t even know what VN people use it for

i tried them once and wrapped my own rice rolls, mainly with scrambled egg and dark soy sauce if i’d had shrimo i would have used them as well. or maybe scallops. they were a bit of a pain to wrap.