Rich Table - Hayes Valley

Sometimes there are those nights when
you go to a restaurant with quite high expectations but you go home after the visit and you are even more impressed than you expected - that describes our first visit to Rich Table in Hayes Valley.
Rich Table isn’t an unknown restaurant in SF (and beyond) and has “produced” some well known chefs, like Brandon Rice from Ernest but for us the overall “package” was a great fit - ambience (lively, yet relaxed), food (New American/Californian - just order the “let the chef decide” menu which will give you a great overview of many of the dishes on the menu and is a lot of great food), service (professional, yet personal - we for example asked for slow-paced night and they handled it really great) to the cocktail program (creative, well balanced drinks)
We can’t wait to be back at Rich Table

Caviar, pao de queijo, smoked cream

Douglas fir lavain, house cultured butter

Oysters, hot sauce mignonette

Sardine chips, horseradish creme fraiche

Dried porcini doughnuts, raclette

Buttermilk panna cotta, apricot chamoy, chipotle popped sorgham

Watermelon, yoghurt, mint, salted black sesame

Elote little gem salad, charred corn, cotija, cilantro

Aged beef dumplings, homemade chili crunch

Burrata, sun gold tomatoes, camino vinaigrette, sesame wheat pan con tomate

Octopus tostada, pluot, jimmy nardello chimichurri

Marinated summer peppers, almond muhammara, olives, zucchini, flatbread

Red snapper, summer pico de gallo, salsa roja, jimmy nardello, refried beans

Curry fried rice, bay shrimps, green plums, pickled fresnos, cilantro

Tonnarelli sea urchin cacio e pepe, idiazabal

21 day dry aged rib eye, pole bean chimichurri, fried onions

Salted mint chocolate sable, milk ice cream, chocolate cremeux

Mixed melon granita, cucumber sherbet, salted black sesame



We used to go to RT every time we visited SF pre-pandemic. Glad to hear it is still rocking!

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We “City” people used to describe people who lived in Marin:

“I want it all and I want it now.”

That’s one incredible meal. Just wow.

ETA: I just checked their site and am almost shocked that its not far more expensive. Thanks.

For the amount and quality of food it us a “steal” in today’s world

Truly. I even looked at the price to take home a loaf of bread. $7. We have a local bakery here in Seattle that is served in a fair number of ‘nicer’ places and they charge $7 for a serving.

Another visit to Rich Table which is for us a great example of “New American” restaurant - take your inspiration from anywhere in the culinary world, combine it with adaption to local ingredients and flawless execution. As always, we took the “let the chef decide” approach

Tsar Nicoulai “Estate” caviar, potato latkes, rosemary apple-brown butter

Sugar snap peas, honey mustard, horseradish

Sardine chip, horseradish creme fraiche
Dried porcini doughnuts, raclette
Tartlets with pine nuts
Little gems, red flame grape, candied walnut, verjus-green peppercorn vinaigrette
Buttermilk panna cotta, peppercorn sour cherry, spiced sorghum

Aged beef wonton, RT chili crunch

Hog Island Sweetwaters oysters, leek scape aquachile

Burrata, spring allium soubise, josey baker seed feast, hazelnut

Albacore crudo, cherry tomato, avocado, croutons

Tonnarelli, sea urchin “cacio e pepe”, idiazabal

Plancha fried rice “negitoro”, otoro, scallion, shoyu

Dry aged ribeye “Caesar”, charred glazer estate lemon, parmesan crisp

POG “shave ice”, passionfruit, orange, guava, condensed milk, shiso

Salted mint chocolate sable, milk ice cream, chocolate cremeux


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