Ricky's Fish Tacos (Downtown L.A.): A Pictorial Essay

A little Twitter bird told me that Ricky’s is now serving his fish tacos Downtown…

Order: 1 fish taco, 1 Ricky’s Special (fish+shrimp), 1 horchata… Total price: $9.27

Same awesome quality, now in DTLA!


Ricky’s Fish Tacos
parking lot on the corner of 1st & Beaudry
usually 6pm-9pm (check his twitter for the latest intel)


There’s something so savory about the batter he uses. I love it.

Lovely briny shrimp too.

I hope he keeps popping up in DT in the evenings! Makes it easier for me to get to!

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Gorgeous first shot, @J_L. Of course, it goes w/o saying that the food shots are great, too. :wink:

Agree that his batter is addicting.

Love the city skyline shot!

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HOLD UP!!! he’s still on Virgil daytime, right???

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According to his twitter these days… Yes indeed.

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ok, thanks… i don’t twat

Thanks, man!

Me neither, but twitter posts are available to non-Twitter users. I just google them.

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Or I can just ask you and interact with a human. That worked fast. Do you have any non twatter questions I can answer?

Why yes… What are the numbers for the next Powerball drawing?


Glad to be of human service in this all-too-automated world we live in.


oof… wish i could help you… i’m the wrong one to asked… bought yet another stock yesterday that went down today. it’s potatoes all weekend for me

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And I just checked Ricky’s twitter from today…

Today (Friday 2/5/16):
11:30am-4pm — Usual Virgil location
6pm-9pm — 1st and Beaudry

This has been a friendly public service announcement.


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(off-topic but… didn’t pretty much EVERY stock go down today?)


except for SCTY

Oh, there’s some stuff I could say about that, but that’s be me riffing on something about which I know little.

Of course, I don’t know a ton about food, either, and that doesn’t stop me from posting here. :wink:

Off-topic: I have no objective reason to believe this, but I think SCTY (and residential solar, in general) is a loser company.

On-topic: Ricky’s Fish Tacos, OTOH, is not, and has never been, a loser food stand/truck. :wink:

Just remember your words in the future if you’re either right or wrong.

While I’m not investing in the area, I also don’t ever short stocks, so whatever I write will just float away in the wind… :wink:

Is this the same parking lot where Mexicali used to set up?