Riggers' Loft

On a recent trip up from LA we discovered this lovely spot, http://riggersloftwine.com/. Its at the tip of Point Richmond. Its a repurposed WWII Liberty shipyard that has been turned into a tasting room/retail shop for several affiliated wineries. They regularly have food trucks. Its right on the water with high surf crashing over the seawall. Gracious service, nice people, good wine and no worries about Napa traffic. Highly recommend!

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This sounds terrific. But I gotta ask: how did you discover/wind up in Richmond??? Next time we’re down we need to check this out. Thanks.

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My dad goes there a lot, for the music. He did say that it can be cold and drafty and you can spend a bit of time wandering around trying to get in. I still mean to go sometime.

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We were visiting our lovely daughter, ebeth, and had some time to kill between lunch with her in Berkeley and dinner at Zuni Cafe. Her boyfriend worked at a nursery in Richmond so we went to visit him. He told us of this winery and as we still had a few hours to kill we went. Had a great time. It was a sunny warm day for the Bay Area so I can understand Glencora’s reservation. We had no problem getting in.

Let me tell you an OLD story that has nothing to do with food. Back in about 1980 I had a new (sales) job with a company car. It was older and I was waiting for its replacement. I lived in the city and a friend lived in San Rafael. Why we were going through Richmond, which was pretty dicey at the time honestly, I don’t remember. But the car broke down. No cell phones back then so I was able to call a friend to come rescue us. We were a bit off the main road so I stood out there — in all my young gorgeousness :slight_smile: — in shorts and a tee shirt that said “Love is where you find it. I’ll be here all day.” Why I remember this 40 years later I don’t know but it’s a fun memory of Richmond.

(Now back to your usual programming.)