RIP Jody Maroni's

This was the low-key, stealth bomber best hot dog in LA. Lots of snap, good spice, beefy.

One football season, I embarked on a quest for the perfect cassoulet recipe. Side by side, Jody’s garlic toulousain sausage blew the socks off the hot garbage put out by Fabriques Delices. And it was half the price.

I’ll miss getting the local’s discount on a dog with sauerkraut while ironically watching fanny-packed Germans/Frenchies consume Jody’s death knell venture - overpriced boardwalk poke.



Too low key and stealth i guess

You’re young. :slightly_smiling_face: It wasn’t always low-key. Jody Maroni (who wasn’t really Jody Maroni) was like the Barnum & Bailey of sausages, a great promotor, all over the boardwalk hawking his sausages and pulling people in. During the summer in the 80’s my friends & I practically lived at Venice Beach. Getting a JM sausage was a must. IIRC he ran into some kind of troubles (maybe health) and never really recovered. Part of my youth is in the wind. :blue_heart:


Yeah, Jodi Maroni’s was definitely part of my California high-school summers at the beach. That and the pizza by the slice place, and The Shack.


Hah! I thought of you and figured as much. Ditto on the slice place and The Shack.

The low key and stealthy description made me think that they’re closing because of poor sales

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Just playin’ with ya’. I’m sure there probably was diminished sales, raised costs, changing trends, and the boardwalk which always had freaks & geeks is now seedy & depressing.

Apparently there is still a sausage purveyor associated with the guy (Sam Monkarsh/Jody Maroni) in Fullerton called Masterlink Sausage. According to the website, they sell cooked and raw handmade sausages, both wholesale and retail. It was established by Sam in the 1960s, sold to a buyer in the 1990s, and continues to exist today. Will check it out after the holidays.

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Good bio. Thanks.