RIP Mongols BBQ (Westwood)

Mongols BBQ, admittedly, was not a favorite on FTC. Nor was it ever talked about much on that-former-site-whose-name-shall-not-be-mentioned.

But, this all-you-can-stack-on-one-trip greasy spoon sustained this poor student for many a meal when I was but a wee lad (ok, ok… undergrad lad). And for that, I shall always be grateful.

Mongols BBQ was where I learned how to stack my noodle toppings taller in that narrow-diameter bowl than most other mere mortals there - a gift that I haven’t had to use in my later life (but I do feel adequately prepared, should the occasion ever arise).

I hear this location is giving way to a Taiwanese eatery: Northern Cafe. While I love dumplings and look forward to trying the new eatery in this spot, I cannot help but reminisce.

So long, my old, greasy friend…


I think there’s another similar one in Pasadena. But yeah, I, too, cut my ACYE chops in part at Mongolian BBQ places. [quote=“J_L, post:1, topic:2406”]

Nor was it ever talked about much on that-former-site-whose-name-shall-not-be-mentioned.

For what it’s worth, not only is there not a prohibition on saying, writing, naming, or referring to Chowhound on this site, but I think it actually does us a disservice by avoiding the use of the term. Given that “Chowhound” was (and is) an established brand name, using it on this site will only help our Google search results from those lost souls still looking for, using, or relying on Chowhound.


Ohmigod, how random you should bring this up, @J_L! I was across the street from Mongols BBQ this afternoon and snapped a photo to see if anyone had intel on what would be replacing it.

I’ve never been there, but I enjoyed reading your post. I have many happy memories of the Mongolian BBQ place we used to go to when I was a child (near Hastings Ranch in Pasadena).

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Not that I live anywhere near it, but I second the sadness of this news. I too ate there many times when I was in school, and I would challenge you any day of the week on bowl-stacking.

Actually, the mere fact that you still call it an “all-you-can-stack-on-one-trip” place means I remain grand champion of mongol stacking. I consider it an all-you-can-stack-on-one-trip-unless-you’re-me kind of place… they made me stop!

Big Wok in Manhattan Beach LIVES!

I know - I was just going Voldemort there for a bit…

You have unlocked a trophy: AYCE Nirvana.

Looks to be the same Northern Cafe in Rowland Heights.

Not random. Toddrickallen posted the update which was reposted onto Eater.

Northern Cafe has 2 branches, one in Hacienda and one in Cerritos. The Cerritos branch has beer license, but the Westwood one (probably) will not. Get the guo tie, jingdu spare ribs, orange chicken, skip the beef rolls

This is the greatest thing to happen to actual Chinese students at UCLA this decade, if not millenium. Will help attract even more cash-laden foreign students. After all, no self-respecting Commie would dare partake in fraudulent Mongolian cuisine.

AH! Thank you. I had a vague recollection of someone posting about it earlier, but I couldn’t remember the details.

To you and ipse, is the place any good?

The pan-fried fish dumpling are interesting, and comparable to Luscious Dumplings’ iteration.

That said, no real reason to go out of your way to eat at Northern Cafe, unless you want to hang with Mainland Sugar Babies talk smack about LV purses.

More accurately, invented in Taiwan ages ago and branded as Mongolian. KMT food…

And for the record, the way I found out about the closure was only 'cuz I walked by the shuttered storefront en route to getting my Lamonica’s on next door. Eater reported it too?

Randomly, I think the former Lamonica’s on 6th also closed down. Drove by one night and they were replacing the sign.

man I want some “mongolian bbq” now.

Maybe we can do a La Barbera’s Pizza with Mongolian BBQ mashup.


Makes me wonder which are the longest-running remaining in Westwood Village? Off the top of my head:

Lamonica’s Pizza
Bank of America N/E corner of Westwood and Weyburn
Stan’s Donuts
Fama hair salon
Bel Air Camera (location changed)
Falafel King (location changed)
Oakley’s Barbershop
Aahs (location changed)
Village Eyes – Dr. Vogel (location changed)
the fancy pen and drawing store (location changed)

A little off topic but… I think Bel-Air Camera is now closed, no?

Northern Cafe dumplings are okay…just don’t expect the XLB to be anywhere near close to DTF. I’m obsessed with their garlic green beans…that’s my favorite dish there.

I love dumplings, and if the XLB is at least better than the ROC version, this could be a nice addition (I only live a few miles away)…

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Peanut Butter Pockets at Stan’s Donuts are a thing of wonder.

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I think there is a Mongols in Van Nuys on Van Nuys just north of Ventura. I believe it is owned by the same people that own Le Chine Wok which moved from Beverly Glen and now shares the Van Nuys space with Mongols. May be a different Mongols.