I’m going to Riverside for Festival of Lights, and I was wondering if there’s anything especially good or unique to eat in Riverside or Corona?

Originally, I was planning to eat at one of the Mission Inn restaurants because that was the only way to see the interior of the Mission Inn during the Festival of Lights. But, there’s no more openings at night for those restaurants.

Other possible Riverside choices I found were Anchos Southwest Grill and The Spotted Pig in Riverside and Luna Modern Mexican Kitchen in Corona.

Are any of those places good, or are they just ‘good’ for Riverside but not that good compared to what you could eat in LA?

It’s been a few years but the Spotted Pig is ok. It’s Riverside good. If you’re driving out from LA maybe stop for Chinese or Korean in the Walnut, Diamond Bar or Rowland Heights area. The LA board will have lots of suggestions. Our favorites in that area are Earthen, Yangmani and Happy Harbor. Lot of people crushing on Eat Joy Food lately.

I just got back from a three day confernece at Mission Inn. My goal was to eat included meals at the hotel, or to get off the property to eat.

For dinner one night I sat at the bar at Salted Pig and ate a few tacos and a corn special. Decent, although if I had to do it over again, I’d seek something else out.

Coffee for two mornings was at Molinos (directly across street from Mission Inn). Coffee was serviceable; one morning I had a acai bowl with it, the next morning a blueberry muffin. The muffin was likely purchased at Costco or the like.

So, I ventured further afield in the crushing blast of the sun for lunch and ended up at Arcade Roasters. I believe Arcade Roasters is a local to Riverside chain with three locations, and location is open 7 - 4, 7 days a week with a breakfast and lunch menu and has full bar.

My first visit was before 11AM, and I consumed in the airconditioned gracious space a veggie sandwich on sourdough (bread made by Arcade). I opted for two eggs on top; and while I was at it, got the last blueberry and citrus scone in the case. It was really good, and eating there was a pleasure.

I came back the next morning for my morning coffee, and got some kind of nectarine crumble as I sipped. I’d go back to Riverside and Redlands area to take in the local beautiful buildings, and I’d likely go back to Arcade.