RN74 SF is Closing 10/7/17 - Some Nice Wine Deals!

RN74 in the Millenium Tower is closing - last day of service is Saturday, Oct 7th. Ayesha Curry’s “International Smoke” will take over.

RN74 of course has a very deep wine list, including a great selection of burgundies. They’re doing some great deals now - some off the wine list, just ask. The sommelier was willing to do some nice Corton Charlemagne for a steal, but we ended up we ended up with a bottle of '02 Salon for a bit less than current retail for the '04s, or literally 70% off what '04 is going for at another Northern California restaurant.


Blanc de blancs was great with the saffron elements in the following:

Summer Truffle and Corn Agnolotti with Maine lobster, saffron beurre monte, schmaltz-roasted chanterelles. This was pretty delicious as expected; it’s hard to go wrong with corn, lobster, truffle, and saffron. The lobster was diced small, though, so you didn’t get much of the texture here. That would’ve been nice to contrast with the chanterelle’s firm meatiness, but we were mainly here for the wine.

Herb-steamed Halibut with saffron bourride, squash blossom, squashes, and seafood sausage. The seafood sausage was hiding in the squash blossom, which was a nice surprise. The gentle dill and saffron notes were really nice. I wish the halibut were less cooked, but the dish itself was pretty tasty.

The wine, of course, was sublime. Might go back this week to see what other gems I can find. My friend’s steak frites with well-done “mille feuille” potatoes pave was pretty good.

Many bars later, feeling hazy