[Robb Report] Q&A: Master Pasta Maker Evan Funke Traces the Roots of His Pasta Obsession


Great read and great find Mr Dixit.

“I cook as if California is its own region in Italy”: that’s what Mark Pastore, the owner of Incanto in SF, used to say about what Chris Cosentino was doing.

Anybody been to Base in Tokyo?

That’s a great quote.

It reminded me very much of Barbara Tropp in her China Moon cookbook say something about how she wanted the restaurant to reflect the Chinese province of San Francisco

No but I immediately googled to see if he had any recipes posted online. (no luck!)

I think every traditional pasta maker’s recipe is pretty much the same. It’s all about technique.

It’s interesting to read about technique. I’ve seen some pretty specific formulas/technique for baguettes from japanese bakers

Most fresh pasta recipes use (or approximate) a ratio of 3 parts all-purpose or pasta flour to 2 parts egg by weight. After that, the difference between amateurish, good, and great pasta is all about technique.