Roberta's pop-up

new york hipster pizza at la hipster sqirl. i expect a full report from @linus.

The pizza is legit, tasted just like the original in bushwick. Closest comparison is to sotto but more crispy and less chewy which i like. It didn’t require the jaws of life to chew through the crust like some places, ahem lodge.

Warning to @linus and the hamster averse there were more beards and skinny jeans there than at a flannel convention in Portland after an arcade fire concert.

And yes, the pizzas are as small as they look. About 9 inches in diameter for 12 bucks. You’ll need at least two.

Oh, and they don’t accept cash, card only.

bee sting - tomato, chili flake/oil, basil, mozzarella, spicy sopressata, honey
This was my favorite, loved the spicy and sweet combo, and the sauce had great flavor.

speckenwolf - oregano, mozzarella, mushroom, speck, red onion

The :pig2: won’t be ready until around 6pm.

bee sting - tomato, chili flake/oil, basil, mozzarella, spicy sopressata, honey


they wrote me and asked me not to attend as to not violate their “safe space.”
besides, ive been too busy w intensive therapy to overcome an addiction to internet pepperoni cup porn.


Speaking as a luddite, it seems to be an epidemic.

Organic Hen Egg for you.

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Now at the platform


This is awesome.

I’m addicted to PCP too.

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Went tonight. Quite good, and a fun atmosphere. By FAR the best pizza in the Culver City area. In terms of how it measures up vs. everything, I think I prefer what I’ve had at Sotto, but I’m not sure it’s a fair comparison–full fledged restaurant vs. a pop up. Better comparison is once Roberta’s comes here for real. That said, this was an excellent pizza and I plan to enjoy it regularly for the next 2 months.


What was on the menu?

What did you get? Are there slices or only whole pizzas

Only whole but they are personal sized, not that huge, in the $12 range.

Choices are margherita, bee sting (marg with honey and soppresata), and one with double garlic and jalapeno. I had the bee sting.


I imagine this is similar to the operation they ran for some of the NYC outdoor food courts and markets. I’ve had the personal pie near the park outside Eataly and one near MSG a few times. A very nice pizza for a mobile operation but you can get better from some places in LA.

You’re right–it’s that same operation. There is better pizza in LA, but for a quick option in Culver City area, I don’t think you can do much better.

I don’t know why Angelenos would want to go to Roberta’s in Los Angeles.

Roberta’s is special in Brooklyn (really, Buchwick) because it is hipster cool in Bushwick, an erstwhile industrial wasteland. Being hipster cool in Los Angeles is, well, like being stuck in traffic on the 405 in Los Angeles.

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FYI Roberta’s was closed tonight for some private event for a fake news social media site (facebook). So in case anyone is reading this and planning on traveling back in time to tonight in order to go to Roberta’s LA, ya plum outta luck.

It’s a fair point, but NYC pizza has been put on such a pedestal that I can understand the desire to try a taste when it’s in your backyard. Not everyone can galavant around this green globe for a slice, but gas is 2.87 and a little traffic isn’t so bad of a price to pay.

For me, my brother used to live a block away from the NYC location, so it’s a lil $14 nostalgia pie.

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But those don’t even rate as A-cups. Or does size really matter?


So this is a pizza joint from NYC but this isn’t classic New York pizza (big slice fold or it will flop), right? The image on eater looks like the third wave sorta Neapolitan pizzas that have invaded the Southland - just done better?





So if it’s not done better, who are they on par with?