RockCreek - Seattle

One of my favorite meals in seattle, ordered mostly appetizers and small plates and was very satisfied.

heirloom tomatoes, burrata, salsa verde, pickled red onion, basil, agrumato
great summer dish, never had it with salsa verde and now i always want it with salsa verde.

seared norwegian mackerel salad, roasted eggplant, mint, basil, tomatoes, nuoc cham
Crappy picture but this was the surprise hit of the night, this had so much going on but was perfectly balanced, fresh and bright. loved the nuoc cham dressing. reminded me of animal’s hamachi tostada or republique’s octopus salad. @attran99 highly recommended.

kusshi, shigoku, kumamoto
it was odd that they don’t serve or even have fresh horseradish or cocktail sauce. the mignonette was interesting, slightly sweet, but it worked.

hawaiian tombo tuna tartare, anchovy, horseradish, quail egg, pickled shallot, rye cracker
this was okay. not much flavor or color in the tartare.

barbecued alaskan octopus, fingerling potatoes, olives, roasted tomato, cannellini beans, olive aioli
very good, reminded me of fwd’s octopus and bean dish.

wild carolina prawns ‘st. helena,’ brown butter, serrano, rosemary, mcewen & sons grits
another highlight with a little bit of heat, i liked this better than the version i had at junebaby.

crispy fried cowlitz river surf smelt, jalapeño-malt vinegar aioli, dill, sea salt, lemon
nicely fried and crispy, i wish the aioli was served on the side, the smelts sitting in the aioli on the bottom got a bit soggy.

rockcreek s’mores, valrhona chocolate mousse, graham, smoked meringue, graham tuile
good and really rich.


That looks so good! Rockcreek reservations booked…I am so looking forward to that mackerel salad!


That looks and sounds super. Looked at Open Table and it’s nice to see that reservations are pretty easy to get. Maybe we’ll check it out.

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@PorkyBelly You were right in so many ways. The seared mackerel salad was a delight. I quite enjoyed the octopus, too. I got to try a couple of new varieties of oysters, too. I wouldn’t hesitate to come back the next time I find myself in town.

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Nice, really glad you liked it, love that mackerel salad. were you able to try the burrata or shrimp and grits?

We are seriously not brunch people but their menu looks so great we may have to do it.

Unfortunately, we didn’t try either. We were on our way to a family meal and didn’t want to give the family the impression that we had already eaten while agreeing to dinner with them, too. It was the only way to sneak in an extra meal.