Rockridge -Berkeley: one dinner?

We have a quick trip to SFBA and are staying in a VRBO in Rockridge. We’ll be in the city during the day and probably only have one dinner near where we’re staying. I’ve seen a few places mentioned here, most kinda old. I’m thinking Italian but open to almost anything except probably Chinese as we’ll hit that for lunches I’m guessing. I’d appreciate any suggestions. @robert

A16 Rockridge
Oliveto upstairs
A Cote

Oh my. :slight_smile: I’ve looked at all the menus and they all sound truly wonderful. Thanks, Robert.

Reservations essential at Bellotti at all hours, others at peak hours. A Cote has a patio that’s lovely in nice weather.

Waiting to hear from our daughter who works in the city and lives in Marin. So hopefully we can get something for our free night.

robert, if you could pick one and get a res which one would you choose. BTW, we’re on 62nd off Telegraph.

Casoncelli at Bellotti.

Rockridge, ha. That Bushrod.

I don’t know what that means :slight_smile:

Had a drink this evening at The Graduate on Claremont. A fun dive bar.

Rockridge is on the other side of the freeway.

Argh. They’re closed on Tuesday which is our only available dinner. Of course :slight_smile: