Roku - doheney and sunset - anyone been

Dont have high expectations but wondering if anyone has checked out the new concept in the Riva Bellas space. Very nice looking but the name lowers my expectations - as does some of the other concepts.

Anyone have anything to report. Everything in the BH area is pretty booked for this weekend with the Awards and this is available. Anyone have any feedback?

So, took one for the team. Very reluctant and not with great expectations. Must say thought that the experience was much better than anticipated. The place is beautiful and the bar was very lively. Our party of four sat at Tattoo Mike’s teppanyaki table. He was great and put on an amazing show. He was previously at the 4 Seasons Lanai and really knew his stuff. Started with monkfish liver pate and uni. Both were ok. Then did the four course teppanyaki with chicken and sea bass and it was really quite tasty. Certainly a unique experience. Not a regular rotation place but an interesting change of pace, lively and fun. Would go back.