Rossoblu DTLA

Does anyone have plans to try the new restaurant from Sotto chef Steve Samson? Soft opens in a few days apparently. We have a reservation for Saturday night. I have been looking for an online menu in anticipation, but cannot find one yet. Perhaps by the June grand opening they will circulate one.

I will report back this weekend regardless.


I made a reservation. More on the food in the times:

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We should have a full menu soon on Eater, probably tomorrow early. Stay tuned.

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And no one is talking about Slanted Door opening up next door - Which speaks volumes about the great direction L.A. is headed.

Hi -

I’m always curious about your food brain. What does that tell you?

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That’s because Pham will be lucky to have it ready by the end of the year.

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Yeah, looks like it’s been on “most anticipated” lists since '15. The website is up :slight_smile:.

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How is Slanted Door? Never been.

Today? It reminds me of Melisse.

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Classy but stale?



Actively bad. $35 shaking beef, shrimp dishes that are more onion than shrimp, no heat–place is one of the mist pure tourist traps in SF.

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this place looks really interesting, looking forward to checking it out…but only after I hit up FELIX again :wink:




Went to Felix last night, it was amazing. I think Rossoblu’s gonna be awesome. can’t wait.

this lil piggie got spit roasted and this lil piggie :pig: ate it for fucking dinner

dry aged prime beef cruda - summer truffle, parmigiano reggiano, aged balsamic, mother-in-law’s tongue crackers
The beef was fine, but the summer “truffles” had zero aroma and zero flavor, I think my paper shredder could have made something with more flavor and cheaper too.

tortellini in brodo - pork, chicken, mortadella, prosciutto di parma, parmigiano reggiano, beef and chicken broth
Pasta had a great chew but unfortunately the filling was drier than a camel’s fart. Broth was fine.

tagliolini - seppie, english peas, summer onions, tomato
Taking my first bite, the pasta was thin with not much chew and the sauce was too acidic. But eating it with the sweet english peas really balanced out the whole dish, really good. I just wish there was more cuttlefish.

grilled santa barbara spot prawns - roe, bread crumbs, parsley, romagnola olive oil
The prawn was perfectly cooked with a great char from the grill, delicious.

spit roasted suckling pig - salsa rose
Highlight of the night, one of the best pork dishes I’ve had in awhile. Super crispy skin and the meat was so tender bill withers wrote a song about it. My cut came with about 6 ribs, skin, loin, and some belly meat.

blood orange sorbetto



Thanks for the report back @PorkyBelly. Sounds rather mixed, but then again we (and our friends) have always found hits and misses at Sotto as well, so it’s not surprising. Their pastas don’t seem to be the highlight here.

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Yeah, unfortunately not everything was a hit but the grilled items made up for it. It was their opening night and I think they’re still in the “soft” opening stage so i don’t want to be too hard on them. I hope they’ll have something on the pasta menu as good as the chicken liver rigatoni at sotto.

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