Rowland Heights Area Updates

Can’t keep up with these even with a scorecard. Besides the opening of Miss Tong’s Private Kitchen in Seasons Plaza, the same shopping center has a new ramen restaurant pending where Cafe Benne used to be. Moving down Gale Ave to the 99 Ranch Shopping Center in Rowland Heights, Spicy Moment has replaced Haolin, while across the street on the SW corner of Gale and Nogales, in a freestanding building that looks like it might have previously housed a Burger King type of operation, something with a name like Shancheng Hot Pot is readying to open up. On Colima Road in the food court next to the Shun Fat Supermarket, JR Lamb has closed down. It’s presence was so fleeting that we would never had known about it if it wasn’t for JThur01’s on the scene report. And another short lived restaurant on Colima, Szechuan Tasty Street, has been replaced by another Sichuan eatery, Kuan Zhai Alley, taking the name of a famous street in Chengdu.


that’s something like 4-5 ramen places in rowland heights now. i don;t think that there that many in monterey park and they actually have the scraps of an ethnic japanese contingent there.