(Roy Choi's) Pot

Went because a friend had seen the place on “I’ll Have What Phil’s Having” and wanted to try it. The place has really changed since I ate there two years ago. Not one of the dishes I had is still on the menu, wine list pared back to just five.

“Dynamite uni rice” is worth a detour. Crunchy, creamy, great mix of flavors and textures. Never had anything like it before.

Cucumber pickles, very nice.

Kimchi fried rice, pretty standard except for the stone bowl. Let it sit for a while to get a crunchy crust, tasty.

Devoured most of the smoked duck breast before I remembered to take a photo. Delicious once we added a little salt.


Stone bowl bibimbap is very common and you’ll do 3 times better at a dozen of places within 1 mile vicinity.

wow pickles… in ktown should be 5 kinds of pickles on the table. that uni rice is their best dish and been on the menu for a long time.

it’s cool but why do trendy korean in actual Korea?

My friend really wanted to go there. I’d have picked Park’s or Kang Ho Dong or Kobawoo myself.

It’s a cool place if you’re going to hang at the line, and there’s a great dj on (i went when my friend was playing).

respek for Kobawoo.

check out Sun Ha Jang

Why? Park’s feels like…light years ahead of Kang Ho Dong. I don’t get how the place remains so popular. Is shitty cheesey corn really that big of a deal?

I feel like I am missing the Kobawoo train. When I went years ago for the famous Ssam it seemed incredibly flavorless…is it supposed to be a super bland dish?

Parks feels sterile and boring to me. The banchan is lackluster and the whole meal just seems too pricey and uninspiring. I’ll take Kang HDB any day over that. Although, for higher end KBBQ, I’ll take Gwang Yang over both of them by a long shot.

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As in KHDB is lower in price.

Sterile in what sense?

I don’t really eat KBBQ that often to be honest. But KHDBJ just seemed to really suck when I went compared to Parks, Soot Bull Jeep, Gwa Yang, Eight, etc… heck is rather eat at Star BBQ or Oo-Kook…

Idk what I am missing there

You’re supposed to use a lot of the chili dip.

regarding KBBQ we rarely go but when we do it’s either Genwa or Sowoon

I wanted to get some fucking beep beep uni rice and noticed they’re only open for dinner saturdays and sundays now. when the hell did that happen? Business must have been pretty bad if they can only stay open 2 days a week inside a hotel.

Yep… They’re not doing well. The food is not hotel-ish enough.

Posters were dissing Kogi BBQ being on the J Gold 101. But I thought of it as him giving props to a native son.