Rustic Canyon - still solid

It had been a while and I wanted to try the new chef’s menu. Lots of new dishes.
Cocktails are fab.

Loved these:
– persimmons with herbs, mustard & curry spices 19
– beets & berries, morro bay avocado, red quinoa & pistachio 19
– pozole verde, hope ranch mussels & rancho gordo hominy

The persimmons with a Japanese mustard/curry sauce were amazing.

Liked these:
sourdough linguine with baja scallops & our ‘nduja
pork sparerib with pomegranate & bill’s bee pollen

Yes, I know, it is pricey.
But very high quality and some new dishes make me want to return.


Warrior: I am fond of the light, nuanced, ingredient-driven cuisine of Rustic Canyon. That sourdough pasta with seaweed is one of the best things I’ve eaten in the past year. So beautifully al dente, so full of oceany umami. But I would be happy just eating the simply prepared vegetables. This is my favorite restaurant in Santa Monica. (We haven’t been to the new Citrin except for takeout during Covid, and we haven’t been to Pasjoli.)

Peony: I really liked all our dishes in this meal. Really like how they used simple flavors to bring out the best of the natural taste of the beautiful ingredients. All the dishes looked inviting and tasted healthy! Would definitely love to come again.


Welcome to the site. I am really enjoying this dual review/take thing on each post. Great pics. Keep up the good work.


Yep - but would still recommend some Lurasidone from time to time when out in a restaurant :wink:


That fish looks gorgeous. What was it?

Thank you ! We are very excited to be here!

Peony: It was Baja striped bass. Here is the menu for more details!

Warrior: actually it was the whole barramundi.

Peony: I’m feel Rustic Canyon has improved significantly over our past visits. While Warrior likes how simple and classic their dishes are, I’m excited by their creativity. I was particularly impressed by the white chocolate and hazelnut snap peas, the persimmon / cream / horseradish endive, and the turnips with melted gouda sauce. The fresh pasta was as tasty as we expected. I look forward to again and find out their new creations!

Warrior: I am fond of Rustic Canyon. Its vegetable-centric cuisine suits my palate and feels comforting and right. We haven’t eaten there as often as I’d like, but our daily dining options expanded when we bought our first car recently. My favorite dish tonight was the caramelized sweet potato with miso ice cream. The flavors were delightfully earthy and funky, but in a subtle way. I would recommend all the dishes we ordered tonight. That said, I preferred the drier sourdough linguine with seaweed on our last visit to the saucier sourdough linguine with mussels on today’s visit.


That’s Jeremy Fox’s famous Ubuntu dish (it’s also in his “On Vegetables” cookbook). Still one of the best restaurants we have visited.


Peony: I like how creative they are with the dishes. It’s exciting to find interesting combinations from time to time.

Warrior: I agree. And I like that the food is centered on food and vegetables. I am a fan of Rustic Canyon. I wasn’t fond of tonight’s chicken, however. I found it dry.

has anyone else been recently?

how does it compare against:

  1. horses
  2. republique
  3. bavel
  4. majordomo

its menu seems most interesting to me for this ~price range/style of restaurant, but i have yet to have a chance to visit myself

If you’re that far west it’s the one of the only places that comes close to the restaurants you listed. I’d say it is more of a neighborhood restaurant than any of those, but they execute at a similarly high level with produce from the farmers market a couple blocks away.

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It’s incredibly delicious. Excellent restaurant.

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In my opinion, the food is more refined than any of the places you listed (which are all excellent).
Last visit in July, every single dish we ordered was a hit. Recall rockfish, fennel sausage, and pork chops as being pretty great.


We also prefer Rustic Canyon to all four listed restaurants. But I would give the caveat that it is not a restaurant where we often go “wow.” We are more impressed with the nuances and refinement. Some dishes at Bavel and Majordomo have greater wow factor. Of the four listed restaurants, Republique is the one most similar to Rustic Canyon. Kali is even closer.

For restaurants similar to Majordomo and Bavel, I’d recommend Eszett and Dunsmoor.

Horses didn’t impress us very much in our one visit, but it’s possible we were just being moody.


Ok so not just me neither about Horses. Got the pasta Herman and the Burger. Was not that impressed and everything tasted a bit too salted for my liking.

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Rumors have it that @attran99 didn’t really enjoy :horse: either.

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And neither did the illustrious @moonboy403

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fyi, a change in chefs is occurring over the next month, from andy doubrava to zarah kahn (from botanica).

also jeremy fox is doing tasting menus every thursday at birdie g’s (but booked out through october currently)


Great shout!