Rustic Canyon - still solid

hi @TheCookie
good question, I’m not sure. taking a bite I thought they were raw hachiyas because they were soft and shiny, but the menu says fuyu ::shrug::


Hi @PorkyBelly

Yep, they do look shiny. I was wondering if they were raw or slightly cooked. Probably raw with a dressing. Looking for persimmon ideas. Thanks.

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i’m pretty sure they were raw, thanks.

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If you let them ripen long enough, Fuyus get that hachiya consistency.

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Got influenced by @PorkyBelly. Jeremy Fox was in the house and came out later in the night to talk to folks. Highlights:

  • Cocktail with passion fruit, habanero, habanada. Ton of the fruity habanero flavor without overwhelming heat thanks to the habnadas
  • Sweetbreads were fried well
  • Gnocchi was delicious
  • Sirloin cap was cooked well, but the nature of the cut is a bit more chewy


I can’t imagine Chef Fox isn’t going to replace himself as chef at some point. Recommend getting getting in because they really are on point at the moment. I sat at the bar and had a great time caramelized white chocolate macadamia nuts and double shucked peas. gnocchi, pear and cheddar. Not shown - lamb Sharma bar special. Some fun by the glass wine pairings as well.


I agree - the place is wonderful right now, great food, service, and re-invigorated wine program by the new somm, Jenna Isaacs.


They deliver through UberEats now. Even to DTLA.