Saffy's - East Hollywood

We took @hungryhungryhippos reservation and had a great time! Highlights were the scallops (served in the shell as a shooter with middle eastern flavors), the lobster skewer (flat out one of the best bites I have had in months), and the hummus. Pics are ugly but glad we went. Thanks @hungryhungryhippos!


You’re welcome! Good to hear that you guys had a great meal!


I think ori misheard @js76wisco and named the wrong sandwich “sasto”.

The sandwich is named for Saffy’s manager Nick Sasto, who told a tiny white lie that ensured his name would be forever known in the realm of great L.A. sandwiches. Menashe remembers Sasto telling him one day that his name meant sexy. A few days later, someone remarked that Menashe’s new Italian sandwich, introduced to the Saffy’s Coffee and Tea Shop bakery case in mid-December, looked sexy.
“So we called it the Sasto,” Menashe said with a laugh. “He lied to me, though. It doesn’t mean sexy. But we kept calling it the Sasto.”


Pic of the Sasto from Jenn Harris IG post today. Looks good but I think it could use some more meat to balance out the thick focaccia.


definitely not as sexy as the sensual seductive mortadella.


I har

I hate headline writers! I clicked on the article in hopes of finding 31 sandwich shops to book mark and try but the article was really just about the sasto at Saffys, referencing that Lorenzo California had 12 sandwiches and then redirecting to an old list of 18 Italian sandwiches. You have to do math to understand that somehow equals the 31 references in the headline.

This is garbage level reporting and writing no wonder LA times is going out of business


I might be in the minority but I don’t need the ricotta cheese on the mortadella sandwich. Same with the La Mortazza at Mother Wolf.


Fully agree. I actually thought the heavily lemon zested, slightly sweet ricotta ruined the mortadella foldy served at Funke.


A very strong endorsement for the no cheese from somebody with labneh in their handle. Although not a cheese I would consider them to be in the same family.

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Harris probably didn’t write the headline, which is the only place “31” appears.

Neither your or @hungryhungryhippos’ photos are ugly lol. Looks delicious. Thanks for sharing.