Sage Bistro Asian Fusion (?) in Alhambra

Sage Bistro has opened up in the space formerly occupied by Cowa Cafe, and before that, Roaster Family. The awning says “Pasta - Short Ribs - Jambalaya” which hardly connotes Asian fusion, but given the menu is in English and Chinese and most of the clientele is Asian, I guess that qualifies as fusion. Presumably their signature dish is the shrimp and chicken jambalaya, but I didn’t order that since I had jambalaya in New Orleans last month and wasn’t ready for the Alhambra fusion version. Farfaille chicken was pretty good and obviously nicely made with a variety of ingredients. A number of interesting items on the relatively short menu. Address is 521 W. Main St.

The chef (or owner?) was at one time affiliated with Ledo Cafe, I believe.