Saigon Bakery Banh Mi --Great Bread, Good Fillings

No news flash here, as the notion that you can find great Banh Mi in Westminster by throwing a rock in any direction and hitting some place with a solid version is pretty much gospel. But just for what it is worth (or for Millennials JFWIIW) I was at Westminster City Hall on business and asked around about a good spot nearby for Banh Mi and everyone suggested I try Saigon’s Bakery on the 8900 block of Westminster Boulevard. There are branches of Che Cali and Lee’s nearby, but I’ve sampled them at other locations so I thought I would hit up Saigon’s Bakery. It was excellent. Good fillings ( had one grilled pork and the other was the Vegetarian special) and terrific bread. I also bought a Baguette that went straight from the cooling rack, to a paper sleeve, to my mouth in the parking lot. I went around 3 pm and they were busy --5 folks in line, some buying sandwiches, everyone buying Baguettes, and everyone save me, speaking Vietnamese. A cold case filled with lots of tempting stuff, but sweets are not my thing so I passed. Great prices – I was able to play the “Generous Boss” on the cheap and bring back terrific sandwiches to the folks at the office for less that $20 for 6 sandwiches and a Baguette. I don’t claim to be a Banh Mi expert, but everything I had was excellent and the price was right.

Comparing Saigon Bakery to Lee’s/BMCC is like comparing JLaw to JLo – one of them has talent.

I do partake in BMCC’s fresh banh cuon when I have flights to catch though. Just to really piss off your neighbors.

Thanh Tam got a Spam, BBQ pork, and egg banh mi. They list spam it as pate I believe. lol

Buy 3 get 1 free, so 4 for less than $10.


that is so wrong. if you accidentally spill some fish sauce I bet you can have the whole row to yourself.

I always thought BMCC was crap until I realized that the one on Brookhurst in the old taco bell is actually solid (and open 24/7)

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Agreed. The Brookhurst one is the only one I go to for this reason.