Saigon Soup Flight Tasting - Oct 21 & 22nd

This chef showed up on my radar a couple months ago, seems like she’s got some chops. Her next pop up is a Vietnamese noodle flight.

Saigon Soup Flight Tasting

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She IS doing great stuff… respecting the tradition but using high quality ingredients and defining her own vision of vietnamese food for today’s audience. I hope you do get to try it.

Piggy backing on my comment on another thread about vietnamese food, she’s trying to do what many 2nd gen Viet-American chefs are struggling to do–not becuase for lack of will or talent, but breaking away from the stereotypical mom and pho pho shops and average diner’s perception of what Vietnamese food should be (cheap, immigrant food) is tough. Because of the enormous success of mom and pop pho shops, some people are going to complain why it’s 16 vs. 10 in down the street in Chinatown or that it’s too fusion-y.

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Bought my ticket earlier today, looking forward to it.

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Do report back. Are you no longer in LA?

Spending more time in NYC of late.

Don’t actually know her personally, but only on IG and trying to Convince her to come to LA at least for pop up

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did you end up going and your thoughts?

Unfortunately not, had some last minute conflicts.