Sakedojo DTLA

Went here a few weeks ago for a friends birthday. Owned by one of the owners of far bar down the street. The food was better than we expected. The owner shared some great bourbon with us. Great back story. He was very knowable and obviously a big bourbon drinker. They provided very generous pours of sake from the tasting menu. Sorry couldn’t get prices in my picture but they seemed to be reasonable based on a few bottles which I’ve seen at other places.

The only food pic I took was of the beef cheek ramen. Definitely not your typical ramen. The broth was clear and clean maybe a little salt was needed. Great noodles and fall apart tender beef. It might have tasted better if they didn’t call it ramen. My wife who hates fatty tonkatsu style ramen loved it. I only liked it.

Daikoykua ramen had a big line at 7 when we got to dinner. An even bigger line at 10 when we went too far bar. Still a line at 12:30 when we left to go home. Crazy.


Wait. What? An under-salted ramen in L.A.? I don’t believe it. I’m so off of ramen lately, because of all the f-ing salt.

That n00b legend makes bank. #salttastesgood


Yes I was quite shocked as well. Beefy broth flavor. Reminded me nothing of the salty fatty tonkatsu based broths everybody specializes in these days.

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