Salazar - Opening May 26

paging @Chowseeker1999

per Eater LA, mesquite grill + handmade flour tortillas. space looks amazing.

will eagerly await your report (and inevitable comparisons) since I’m sure you’ll get there before me.

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yay, more lines. woo woo.
i love lines more than food.


Ha! I used to take my car to there when it was Salazar Mazda. Times have changed.

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Only read, like, the the first sentence of the link, but, if it’s Sonora-style, I think we should page @Dommy, too. :wink:

The Salazar family has moved the shop down the road to 3457 Fletcher, though they might make an appearance from time to time.


Oh no page required. I can’t wait to go! I’ve been waiting for something like this El Gallo Grill 2.0 failed to live up to expectations. It may not be within the week, but it will be soon.


$12 Horchata… FUCK OFF lol

*ok i didn’t read whole thing… oops… they can unfuck off


Ha, that is a cocktail, though.

duh thanks… RIF.

just saw aquafrescas and horchata and had a short circuit

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Real Horchata can be pricy. Especially if you make it yourself with almonds and milk. The mix most people use is just powdered milk with sugar, cinnamon artificial flavors and thickeners.

$12 seems to be the going rate for cocktails anyway. If it was indeed made with housemade Horchata, I would try it.


And a $12 jamaica with a bunch of booze. And it was gdamn yum. Open. Now. Pro tip: parking on Crystal St. When Fruitdale gets full.


And the food was…???

The man knows his priorities.


LOL!! You see to me, Jamaica is just over sweetened tea. Give me a well made Horchata anyday.

Jamaica is to Horchata as Vodka is to Bourbon. :wink:


Can’t comment on the alcohol, but I totally agree w/ the Jamaica = oversweetened tea! Love a real horchata…

TonyC is this place gonna be really cold in winter? Trying to wrap my head around a place this outdoors…



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And, uh, LA. :wink:

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Ahh as a born and bred southern Californian I cannot tolerate 60 degree nights… let alone when it gets down to like 50! (God forbid)

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Idunno. They have soooooo many heat lamps but… I’m “genuinely” worried the models and screenwriters of silver lake might all freeze in October, cause #LA. The alternative seems to be a “jacket”.

I think the idea is that everyone will be lit after 5 horchata cocktails, or just passed out on the floor? Perhaps @ronsilverado can chime in.

Anyway, see y’all there tomorrow. The tepache should be strained and chilled by then. I’m telling myself it’s ok to pound this cause: Mexican kombucha.

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