Salo / Lardo

Just a photo of my aunty slicing up a block of funky salo she smuggled back from Ukraine. Not sure what subforum to put this in but you all should see it.

Also, do you ever buy lardo for your home consumption or just at restaurants (not very popular there either) ?

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see blocks of these at Jon’s market. Loved the whipped lardo served with bread at carnevino las vegas when they were open.

I’ve bought lardo on occasion when I see some nice stuff at a fancy butcher.

I got a chunk from Ibérico del bellota pigs one time.

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Can I just say that I love that your aunt smuggled the lardo in her luggage? Reminds me of the days where my own family would smuggle items in their luggage from the old country (Vietnam).

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what do they call it in spain? also lardo?

I don’t know if it exists in Spain. What I got was made in Oakland from imported pig parts.

Epicurus Gourmet stocks it. I slice it very thin and put it on Neapolitan style pizza,


$40 per lb

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Just go to a Russian deli. It’s very good, I’m still eating ours

I get occasionally at Guidi Marcellos. We slice up and put in risotto mainly. I like to use lardo and guanciale and or pancetta together for different textures. Can also use in pastas.

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