Salt Bae Opened His First LA Restaurant Last Weekend, and Almost No One Noticed



There was so much shade in this article…and I loved it.

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Lolol! I mean he seems like a tool but how bad could it really be? It’s a steakhouse - step 1 buy good steak. Step 2 don’t fuck it up step 3 add salt?


I was told that there’s a tomahawk covered in edible gold leaf…

Just gonna leave it at that.



I am more shocked that people pay $100 for a cappuccino with gold foil on top (which you can buy for $1)

The Yelp reviews are pretty special too. It’s fascinating to see people revel in how ostentatious it is.

I am shocked by how many actual photos of this drink exists. WTF

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that is so dumb! Lol but congrats to them for turning $1.50 worth of ingredients into $100. If people will pay that for a cappuccino then that’s what its worth.

Should we chip in and buy @JLee some Medium white T-shirts & Gold leaf?!

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Okay, but seriously,

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So at the beginning of the Jason Statham insta video…is he squeezing the juice out of the steak or what?

I think it’s the same person taking like 10 pics, but still.

Who wants to go to a place where they salt the steak after it’s cooked?



I’m guessing it’s salted before AND after like the bisteca fiorentina.

I’m guessing it’s more the IG crowd than the yelpers. Although there’s probably a big overlap between the two.

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IG, TikTok, etc…

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Love watching garbage that someone thinks LA is made for burn down

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Yeah. There is nothing like the pop of a good sea salt (I love Maldon) on a piece of rare steak! Why wouldn’t you salt it both before and after?


I’m a fan of the Cyprus flake salt . But then again . There is Dario Cecchini , who throws these fads out the window. Love it .

I’ll leave this here