Salt & Straw - Best Ice Cream in LA

I’ve tried going to the Larchmont location on 3 occasions after dinner in the area but the lines have been really long even at 10pm. Finally got to try the Venice location last week.

Had the roasted strawberry with toasted white chocolate and stumptown coffee with compartes love nuts. Both flavors were just incredible. You could taste each of the components and the strawberry/coffee flavors really shined through. Huge bursts of strawberry with the right amount of white chocolate. The coffee was the most balanced real coffee flavored ice cream ever. Great chunks of the chocolate to complement and not overwhelm the coffee. My personal go to coffee ice cream is Haggen Daaz for reference. Rich, smooth and creamy texture - just the way ice cream was meant to be. The ice cream was truly outstanding and I try to plan my trips to LA around getting more Salt & Straw ice cream.

The two scoops were almost $8. Not a cheap double scoop but man now I know why the lines are out the door. I would definitely put S&S ahead of McConnells, Scoops and Sweet Rose.

I haven’t been to the ones down here, but their original Portland location is some serious ice cream.

I wouldn’t mind a showdown between S&S, Jeni’s, and Carmela’s

No losers in that one.

Forget about Jeni’s since they had that temporary shut down. I assume they are back up and running?

I had Carmela once and it was good. More basic flavors but a good scoop.

Yes, Jeni’s on Hillhurst is back up and running (Was there a couple of weeks ago.)

And a good thing, too, because the gellato place just up the block appeared to have closed for a serious remodel.

I would add Sweet Rose Creamery to the showdown - just adore their ice cream.

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Mother Moo.

And if gelato, Bulgarini. For the win!


I thought Salt and Straw vanilla was good, not sure about the best. Waffle cone was very good though, probably better than the ice cream.

I think Sweet Rose has the best soft serve. But don’t fall in love with their flavors since they rotate very often.

Bulgarini is the best gelato.

All we need is Ample Hills and I’d be set.

The abundance of quality ice cream in LA has improved significantly in the last 5-7 years.

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Salt and Straw sea salt with caramel ribbons…wow!

I’m gonna have to disagree, salt and straws is overrated all their ice cream is overly sweet.

I prefer scoops

I love the soft serve at Sweet Rose Pico.

No matter what time of day or weather if I’m within a 15 minute drive of Sweet Rose on Pico I get a swirl of whatever flavors they have that day. The waffle cone is great too. Thank God I live in the OC.

What flavors did you get? I tried 2 and ended up getting 2 different ones and none of them were overly sweet.

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Probably not the best in town, but I’ve thought about the soft serve twist at Locol ever since having it. It felt like a perfect version of the fast food twist ice cream. Really great texture.

Hmmm… Maybe we should have someone do a report of soft serve from Locol vs. Sweet Rose vs. McD’s. :slight_smile:

With the weather warming up, I think it might be time for me to finally try Sweet Rose’s soft serve…


I pick Jeni’s over the other two. Last time I was at Carmela, the texture of their ice cream was icy. As far as S&S, it all depends what flavors they are offering. I really enjoyed their strawberry avocado the first time I had but the second time it tasted a little more sweet to me.

I think the distance between all of the stores would actually work well in a ice cream crawl. Give your body a few extra minutes to ward off the sugar rush. Working west to east
S&S - Venice
Sweet Rose - Santa Monica
Carmela - West Hollywood
Jeni’s - Los Feliz
Scoops - Ktown
McConnells - DTLA
Bulgarini - Altadena

Unrelated but maybe we’ll have Humphrey Slocombe down in SoCal soon?

Need to invite Pitfire to that wrestling match. Pretty sure @westsidegal would volunteer to referee.

I’ve never been to the LA location, the line is too long and as mentioned I think it’s too sweet.

The flavors I’ve had in the OG Portland location include the salted caramel, strawberry with white chocolate, chocolate brownie, vanilla, Apple pie and donut and an ice cream that escapes my mind but had olive oil in it.

Every time I eat their ice cream I get really thirsty afterwards and have to chug a bottle of water to wash down the sugary after taste. Combine that with the line at the larchmont location and there’s no reason for me to ever go.

Oh, it’s been yrs since I’ve been to one, but, yes, that would work! There’s one in Westwood, I think. Maybe I can do the westside ones, and I’ll leave it to @js76wisco to the do the rest. :wink:

if the Pitfire Chocolate sauce could be included, it would give pitfire an unfair advantage