Salt Tasting Room - Gastown

As far as I could tell from Google, this place has the biggest BC by-the-glass selection I in Vancouver, so I went to check some out. I liked six of the eight whites, the rosé, and one of the three reds, which is way better than I’d expect if I tasted a similar array of California wines at home.

The paper labels seemed like a lot of work just after they opened when I was the only customer in the place, but several parties of 20-30 people came in and then it made a lot of sense.

Looks great. Makes me wish Vancouver had Uber…

Buses and subway trains run frequently enough that I didn’t feel any urge to call a taxi. Google Maps plus a Compass card made it easy. Metro Vancouver often has bad real-time data, though more often than not buses / trains showed up earlier than promised.

Cool. We went there some years ago and their ‘presentation’ was pretty unique. We loved it.

And, yes, re public transpo in YVR.

is this a place you would come back?

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I’d definitely go back.

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I didn’t mention that when we ate there long ago, it was the first time we ate honeycomb…which we love.

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