Salt's Cure lunch bar burger...GREAT QPR

Went to Salt’s Cure today with a buddy for their $6 sit at the bar Bacon Cheeseburger. Go with a friend and split fries and you can get out of there for $11 including tip.

Burger was very tasty and i really enjoyed the fries. Comes with GREAT pickles.

This and Parks bbq have to be the best lunch special QPR… Pizzeria Mozza’s bar special used to be great when it was $20 but they bumped it up to $30 now, not cool.


Tell me more about the Parks lunch special. By the way great find on the Salt’s Cure burger! I’m sure it’s delicious

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it really was a tasty burger, they do meat really well at Salt’s Cure.

Parks special is 10.99 and its a bulgogi lunch set. You get a grilled meat (i’ve had chicken and galbi, it’s different every day) with a soup, egg custard, fried fish, and all the little kimchi plates. It’s a great deal.

Take in mind these are both Monday-Friday i believe. Here’s a pic of park’s bbq


Perfect! I have to take some Australian college kids for BBQ.

Wtf? The Mozza deal isn’t even a discount at $30…

Is the lunch burger at Salt’s the same size as at dinner and brunch? If so that is insane because it’s $17 normally. Hell $6 is cheaper than Astro Burger…

Also, how do you get the $6 burger? According to both their Lunch and Anti-Gridlock menus online the burger is $12.

I assume you have to go in at lunch and sit at the bar and the $6 option gets offered or something?

ya exactly, I loved the bar special at Mozza @ 20… pizza, glass of red and a full desert. Now it’s $30 and not even worth it. Such a rip! haha

It’s the 5oz burger which is normally $12 at lunch. If you and a friend go and split fries (which are 5 bucks). You’re looking at 8.50 a person + tip…which is great.

You just sit at the bar and order the burger, there’s a little chalk board that says bar burger $6 bucks next to the bar! It’s a really good burger, not going to lie!

The fries still those thin/flat, hand-cut rosemary fries?

This is kind of a separate question from Salt’s Cure, but do you (or anyone else reading that wants to weigh in) feel like you should tip more when you are getting some of these deals?

You mentioned, for example, that you paid $11 with tax and tip. That would indicate paying $6 for the burger + $2.50 for half of the fries + ~.80 tax + $1.70 tip.

Technically that is a 20% tip, but whenever I find myself in such an advantageous situation, I feel like I’m significantly shortchanging the server somehow. That burger is normally $17, even at lunch it’s usually $12 anywhere but for the bar-only special. That means just on the burger a tip would usually be $3.40, with split fires closer to $4.

Sometimes I feel like percentages doesn’t work out whenever I get into such situations, sort of similar for a lot of happy hour deals as well.

Just curious if anyone else ever feels like they ought to tip higher, or possibly on the “normal” value of the food sort of like how one often does with comped dishes?