Sambar - worthy new Indian, Culver City

Sambar, the newish eclectic-Indian restaurant from Akasha, is a worthy launch. The space is bright (an improvement from its days as Ford’s), and the menu has more hits than misses. I’d recommend the pork vindaloo kati roll, the lamb burger, and the truck stop goat curry. Some innovations, such as the quinoa uttapam, work very well; others like the non-alcoholic drinks and the dessert menu could use some rethinking. The makki di roti appears to be a corn tortilla (a tasty one, so no complaints). Overall, a nice addition to the area.

Thanks for the tip. Always looking for good Indian food.

My 2 centavos - if you are looking for good Indian food Sambar is NOT the place to look. I thought it was not very good and not very Indian.

It looks definitely like Indian fusion, but why was it no bueno?

the menu is cringeworthy. “Thao Farms eggplant” is the name of one dish. Am I supposed to believe there is something so special about the eggplant from Thao Farms that the dish should be named after it?

That is done in many, many restaurants around Los Angeles…isn’t it?

I’ve seen it in the description of the dish, which is itself ridiculous, but in the name of the dish? Gag me.

That seems to be the only dish though.

You’ve never actually eaten the food right?

A lot of it actually sounds fantastic on the menu. But even KevinEats said it was a bit weak… I was hoping maybe they had worked kinks out of something, or someone had a different perspective.

I have never tried. I will give it a try. I even gave Si Laa a try.

I did. Sambar is good, in my view. It’s not fusion, it’s a modern Indian restaurant with its own personality.

Well, I will say their farm does look nice.

Our favorite blogger has pictures - lots and lots of pictures.

Yeah, but he says the food isn’t that great surprisingly…and he almost never has negative opinions. =/