Samos Cafe—Hidden Coffee/Pastry Gem in Sherman Oaks

I moved to the Valley about two years ago and ever since I got here, the corner of Woodman and Ventura across from Petit Trois has been a mystery. A valuable location held down by “Samos Cafe,” a place that has been closed the entire time and appeared to previously be a shwarma place.

They recently re opened and much to my surprise, it is primarily a coffee/pastry shop, with pastries brought in daily from Chaumont, a marzocco for espresso, and various middle eastern specialty dishes.

The valley is honestly a coffee wasteland, so this is a godsend.


Interested to try it but fyi that’s literally 2 blocks from one of the OGs, The Coffee Roaster


Yeah. I just am not a particularly big fan. Feels like coffee stuck in the 90s

I am not a coffee drinker, but I did notice that Google Reviews has this place rated a high 4.7.

Just saw the opening sign this morning.

Also in Sherman Oaks, The Joint - yes, that dry-aged seafood Joint - actually has decent coffee…


My sister is right in this area and I’m usually stopping at a Starbucks in that area so definitely down to check out the Coffee roaster next time I’m out that way

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