San Antonio favorites?

I’ll be in San Antonio in a couple of weeks, staying near the convention center. Any good food nearby? I don’t have high expectations (Riverwalk, etc), but I’m hoping for some good seafood, BBQ, or German food without going too far afield. Boudro’s is already a regular stop, but I’d like some variety on this trip. Any suggestions? Open to other cuisines as well. TIA.

Just spent the weekend in San Antonio for work. Continued my long-time effort to understand and appreciate Tex-Mex. I still don’t really. I went to Garcia’s, which was named on Bill Addison’s National Eater 38. Got the enchiladas with chile con carne and a brisket taco. This was pretty good, but nothing special, and if this is the best of the genre perhaps I need to accept this style of food is not for me.
My main complaint with Tex Mex is that the flavors are all so muted. The tortillas on the enchiladas were flaccid; the cheese factory-made and processed; the guacamole salt-free. That said, the brisket was excellent, and made for a good fusion taco.

The good news: after Garcia’s, I went to Carnitas Lonja, where a Mexican family opened a place that serves only carnitas. It was fucking great. Perfect corn tortillas, bright salsas, and Carnitas easily on par with–or better than–Carnitas El Momo in LA. This would be the best carnitas taco in LA (especially in light of the excellent tortillas) if we had this, and I wish we did.

Some pics from the internet, since I didn’t take any.


If you’ve never had a puffy taco before, a trip to Henry’s or Ray’s would be fun. Puffy taco shells are airy, light, and crispy…and are made when fresh masa is hand-pressed and then fried in oil using a mold to keep a hard shell shape. My favorite filling is guisada/braised beef, but you’ll find the regular options of asada, chicken, carnitas, and piccadillo. I wouldn’t order more than 2 at a time per person because they may get soggy. I frequent Henry’s and Ray’s brother’s business, Arturo’s, in Whittier. Yes…apparently, all three were brothers.