San Diego 2016 Restaurant Openings

The Pokirrito Website lists only the Convoy location (not the LI location). Both articles in Zagat and the UT say a Pokirrito location is imminent in LI at 2254 India Street. The Pokirrito website says that they will have 6 sushi burritos and 4 signature poke bowls to begin with. Couldn’t find an expected grand opening date. Pic from the UT

These pictures remind me of musubi–which to me at least is a good thing. The sushi burrito I had previously was a lot of rice and not as much filling, kind of like a giant California roll on steroids.

Pokirrito has their soft opening tomorrow, Friday Apr 21st.

And another Ramen loint, Ajisen, is coming to Clairmont in June.

Big Thyme Sandwich Company. Just noticed it while getting coffee at Bake Sale. Has anyone eaten there? 800 F Street, south curbline.

Poke Go and Curry and More both coming to same Rancho Bernardo strip mall off RB road near I15.

Tasting Room Del Mar has grand opening in one week on Tuesday the 24th.

Crudo says they will open in June. But construction looks to be behind on that goal. I will be surprised if sometime in July isn’t the actual opening.

Never mind, not opening today. Looking like the week after Memorial Day. Evidently permitting is a bitch in Del Mar.

Supposedly kitchen permitting issues is what took down Bull Taco in Del Mar. In its place we have the newly opened Mediterranean BeeSalt Balcony. Have not been yet, but stopped by after a lunch at Cafe Secret last week and the place was jammin! Food looked fresh with clean simple presentations, so hopefully will try soon.

BeeSalt Balcony

Permitting is a b*tch everywhere. It’s held up a lot of restaurants over the last year or so.

Mariscos German has opened a brick and mortar restaurant in Escondido. There is also a lonchera in front of Frys in San Marcos.

Just FYI in case anyway besides me and RISD still visit this site.


Still visiting…not a lot of extra time these days between work and travel…not eating out much right now and not likely to get to Escondido any time soon :frowning:

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Hey…what am I, chopped vegan liver?

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Both Bar One and RoVino opened up recently in Little Italy (almost simultaneously it seems).

Didn’t really seem worth mentioning as they’ll probably shutter by Xmas, if not sooner.

Pacific Standard Coastal Kitchen is open.


Thanks RD . Was in the area today and forgot to check out the lonchera in front of Fry’s . Will be back to n the area next week and will check it out then for sure.

So, I guess Nishiki Diner has the same ownership as Nishiki Ramen?

After eating at Hodad’s downtown location this past weekend, I noticed that Dog Haus is close to opening on the same block. Dog Haus is a sausage and burger joint from LA that uses Hawaiian buns/rolls instead of conventional buns and has tater tots instead of fries. Just what SD is missing, right? Anyway, we always liked them up in Pasadena, especially the biergarten which is what the SD one will be I think (can always check Eater which is where I first learned about it).

After Hodad’s, we walked down to the Embarcadero (passed Biga which I still haven’t tried) and had soft serve at Carnitas snack shack which was great. Really like that location.

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Speaking of LA imports (or is exports?) …

Probably old news, but I believe Dupar’s in the East Village did open in 2016.