San Diego 2016 Restaurant Openings

Let’s post all the 2016 restaurant openings here. Hopefully not only the next pizza, burger or craft beer place but a little more variety.

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Come on, Honkman - pizza/burger is so 2014. You know the new burger concept is “fancy tacos”, right? LOL

Craft beer is now ubiquitous - advertising that is like saying “we will give you water upon request”.

Madison in University Heights.

Madison’s looks fab!

Herr Honk…so glad to see your crankiness here!

Vigilante Brewery just got their approval from the Del Mar Town Council, so they should be in high gear now!

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I am very excited about Chef Pascal Lorange (Fig and Olive) latest restaurant concept, Crudo, in the new Pacific Ranch Highlands center. Should be opening very soon.This is a very interesting concept. A Mediterranean/Asian fusion restaurant. The pictures of the dishes look just amazing and delicious.

Also, The Tasting Room in Del Mar looks set to open in the upcoming weeks. Should have small bites featured around food sourced from local farms, plus lots of wine and craft beer to sample


Anybody been to the new casual carne asada concept eatery, Pipirins, from Guadalajara? Cooking over hot rocks is sure to give the meats a real rustic kind of flavor and char.

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Not yet. You need to go and do some scouting for us…

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Is that the place at 5th and Broadway?

Yes. It’s on my list, too.

Love all these North County eats…
Love living in the NC!

I do indeed need to check it out! I lived in Guadalajara until I was 5 yo and then went back in college as an exchange student (with my future wife). Coincidentally I attended class only a mile or so from our old house! I really love the food from that area! And even though I don’t remember Carne Pipirins, I do remember Carne Asada Pipiolo which is the same style I believe, the meat plate at Karne Garibaldi, Sandborns, and the tortas ahogadas from Tortas Tono. There were also a surprising number of very good Japanese restaurants there (cant remember the names). So I am very happy to see another export from Guadalajara in San Diego.

If I read some of the information correctly in Español, Carne Pipirins is an offspring of Asada Pipiolo. I did visit their web site and I don’t think their photos are doing them any favors :open_mouth:

How I wish we had a Karne Garibaldi outpost here. It’s certainly not fancy but there is definitely something crave-worthy about it…the beef…the thick pieces of bacon…those grilled onions and the refritos with corn. It all works together way better than it has any right to.

I haven’t been to GDL for at least 5 or 6 years, I understand their food scene is starting to make a comeback. Last time I was there the restaurants were more about “see and be seen at comida” rather than the food. I’ve heard that’s changing.

Did you ever get to try El Chololo for (goat) birria? It’s close to the airport on the road to Chapala, not too far from Vincente Fernandez’s rancho

Really, Pipiolo and Pipirins are related? I don’t remember the cooking of their meat on rocks at Pipiolo, but instead I remember it being cooked on a grill over open flame.

Nope, sadly I never made it to El Chololo for Birria, but as a college student I consumed an awful lot of delicious street food, including birria tacos! Used to go to Tequila back when tequila was considered a second class spirit. They had a shack in Tequila that housed barrels from most of the tequila manufacturers there. Used to be able to fill a gallon jug for just a few pesos.

The new Liberty Station restaurant, Fireside By The Patio, headed by SD Chef Antonio Friscia (Along with Chef Fern Tran, and Chef de Cuisine, Michael Grand) is due to open next month. Cuisine will be based around open flame cooking methods blending a variety of world cuisines from Asia, the Medditereanean, to Latin America. Sounds very interesting and I anticipate lots of meat and veggies on a stick as well as rotisserie cooing. Chef Antonio is a seriously good guy and a very talented chef. Would like to see more Italian inspired cooking from him as this was his true first food love. Also expecting a great wine list from a guy that is also a master Somm. Press release ( a bit of puffy PR) from yesterday (02-03-2016) below.

Fireside by The Patio

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I admit I am fairly intrigued by RakiRaki’s new sushi roll concept restaurant, Pokerrito. It’s either going to be special or a total bust. Got to give them props though for trying something new and different.

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For those who may have missed it, here’s a link:

Is it open now?

RakiRaki itself (on Convoy) was expanding, last I was there.

At one time there was a food truck in LA that was doing sushi roll burritos…maybe it’s still around. I remember it being…very umm…filling.

I dont think its open yet, though according to Zagat its planned opening was last month. Also according to Zagat they have a LI location that is supposed to open this month as well. Poke bowls and 8 different sushi burritos. My buddy says they have a special machine that rolls those fattys. Picture below from Zagat. Looks good, right?

Also anticipated to open soon, One Door North will be the Smoking Goats new sister restaurant next door. Seems they are going for a more casual eatery. The Smoking Goat isn’t exactly a formal place, so it will be interesting to see what menu and decor they come up with.