San Diego's Best Lobster Rolls per UT

The most surprising thing about this list, for me anyway, is that there’s actually so many lobster roll choices in SD.

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I was surprised to discover that Supernatural Sandwiches was still in Barrio Logan.

Ha! Yeah they are two locations behind.

I dont get how they call this a best of list. More like a list of everyplace they could find that serves lobster roll. Hell, some of these places just opened/didn’t even try.

I have to confess that I’ve never even had a lobster roll. I’m trying to figure out where the picture in the headline photo was taken. It doesn’t seem to match up with any of the others. I know you can’t always tell from photos, but that one looks pretty good to me.

National Lobster day? I suppose there’s also a National Shrimp day, and if not, there should be – for equal time.

Cousin’s truck was very good when I had it in LA, never tried the one in SD. Major Market in Escondido now has live lobsters for 9.99/lb (they will also steam, crack and clean them for no additional cost). Haven’t checked the Asian markets yet though they frequently will have cheaper prices this time of year. Bite of Boston (yet another lobster roll place) recently closed their Rancho Bernardo location.

Main lobsters are cheap b y comparison to our local lobsters. Our live local spiney’s are running somewhere in the $36 - $42 /lb!