San Dimas (but also Arcadia?)

Stuck at my son’s golf tournament for 5 hours today, so can wander for lunch. What should I do? I was thinking Arcadia but haven’t been in so long, I’m not even sure what to get. Am thinking Burritos La Palma? Followed by 626 ice cream?

But would love some other ideas (all cuisines welcome but probably skewing Chinese / Mexican!)


FYI sometimes the weekend traffic on the 210 can be gnarly. If traffic looks bad and you want to stay more local Glendora Public Market and Donut Man is an option.

You could also go the complete opposite direction to Walnut Rowland Heights Diamond Bar for all sorts of Asian options.


+1 on Donut Man

Furn Saj isn’t too far from Donut Man if you want a lehmanjune or any middle Eastern baked savory treats.

Mariscos Jalisco is in nearby Pomona and Donahoo’s Fried chicken is always a “kid” favorite.


Lots of good recs itt, just going to add that I’ve marked down Sphinx Egyptian Kitchen, which I believe came via @EattheWorldLA.

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Sands Restaurant and Donut Man. For Temple City adjacent: Lao Xi (2 locations), La Palma, Colette, Ahgoo’s Kitchen, Bhanu Indian Cuisine (Chinese-Indian).

Zelo’s and Burritos La Palma are our go-to’s in that vicinity.

Dangit, I posted this thread and totally forgot about it, or I would have hit Donut Man :frowning: As it turns out, the drive to Arcadia was gonna take 35 minutes so I dropped the idea. I ended up grabbing a brisket sandwich at the Corner Butcher Shop in La Verne which was solid! Nice chewy roll filled with chopped brisket and the bbq sauce as tangy and not too sweet! I grabbed a tiny mac and cheese for my son as he rounded the 9th hole and he loved it - said the cheese sauce was excellent but the noodles had great chew.

Oh and this place looks like it has some very nicely marbled prime steaks that would be great for dinner!