San Gabriel Dumpling and Craft Beer Festival (Thu, Oct 1)

Anyone going to this?

Always craft beers.

Never craft dumplings.


I dunno. Have you had any of the ‘craft’ dumplings that are out there? :stuck_out_tongue:


What is a craft dumpling?

I thought I was already eating craft dumplings?

So confusing.

Who holds a festival on a Thursday evening?

filled with kraft cheese. i guess that makes them pierogis

“craft” dumplings from TRUCKS.

i wonder if that ‘craft’ hot sauce being hawked at Alhambra FM will be there. probably.

smfh +1.

so, did anyone go?

I just fucking threw up a little.

dumplings stuffed with kraft American cheese.

I don’t feel so great right abouts now.

like a kidney stone, it’ll pass.