San Jose del Cabo

Heading down to San Jose del Cabo from Friday evening to Tuesday evening for a wedding abroad, any tips on where to eat, from food for the people to fancy spots, I’m interested in it all. Only caveat is I won’t have a car. Staying near Plaza Mijares

La revolution comedor owned by Benito Molina who owns a couple of restaurants in the valle. Upstairs has a gin bar which is also good.

Mariscos toro guero small chain around Los Cabo’s with great seafood

The courtyard of the plaza has food vendors at night. My favorite is the lady that sells tostadas. The ones I like the most are the patas aka pigs deer but she makes a variety.

Acre and flora farms are fun but you’ll need to take a cab or Uber.

Hey thanks for the reccs, bit of a late recap here for anyone curious.

Ate and drank exclusively in the Arts District, here’s the rundown with a few photos.

In the plaza I had some tamales from a cart vendor on the first night. Fairly tasty and decently priced, unfortunately don’t have the name of the vendor.

I was very impressed by Es Por Ti Panaderia, really top quality ingredients, efficient staff all running in harmony and they all seemed really happy an engaged with their work. Killer Croque Madame

Really solid drinks and fresh clams and oysters at El Aguamala Cevicheria. Never had a chocolate clam before, which I believe are local exclusively to the Sea of Cortez. Absolutely incredible depth of flavor and texture.

I hit up Mariscos Toro Guero which was really solid. Did an aguachile tostada along with the Ran Over Octopus. I noticed too late, but just around the corner from Toro Guero was Taqueria El Paisa, just hidden out of view, and I’m so upset I noticed it on the last day and just didn’t have time to make it over for a bite.

What was absolutely the best meal, unfortunately has the worst pictures, but LUMBRE was really incredible. Top tier ingredients, really engaged staff both front and back of the house. Cool stuff going all around, make it a priority to eat here.

Bread & Bone Marrow Butter

Oaxacan Cheese Cocote

Oaxacan Cheese Cocote

Grilled Stone Oysters

Oxacan Cheese Cocote & Grilled Stone Oysters

Grilled Romaine Lettuce (This needed more char in my opinion)


Octopus & Sweetbreads

Did a breakfast one morning at Cafe Calafia

Cafe de Olla

Machaca con Huevos

Couple other places we ate at:

Los Tres Gallos - Fine enough, but nothing that really stuck with me. I had really wanted to try the Totoaba which was a. fish endemic to the Sea of Cortez, but it was out so instead got some sort of firm white fish in its place, tasty, but not what I was after.

La Lupita Tacos - elevated street tacos, and while there was some interesting experimentation and contrasting flavors, duck, lamb, I didn’t find it as exciting on the palette as I hoped going into it.

Choriarte - Kind of a disappointment here. The steak was rather low quality and chewy, over seasoned, small portions with not that exceptional quality in the ingredients. The best thing was the shrimp empanadas, which had really rich flavor. Went here for a large group dinner for a fixed course meal and paid absolutely too much based on what was coming out of the kitchen and it didn’t stand up to other meals we had. Nice ambiance and good live music.

Baja Brewing - Solid spot for a couple brews. I remember the black lager and red ale being rather good.

Acre - The whole trip was centered around a wedding, and this was the venue. Food that came out was pretty solid. Great salads with really wonderful beets. Short rib wasn’t bad and the chicken was decent, I’m not sure if I would make this journey based on that dinner experience alone, but again that was fixed course wedding meals so they’re cranking it out for a lot of people all at once. Would be interested in doing a smaller private meal here with a tighter focus.

Anyway hope that’s helpful for anyone heading in that direction. Worth a visit, really beautiful part of town, would definitely go back for another stay in the Arts District / Plaza Mijares area, but would also like to have a chance to explore more of San Jose next time.